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Patrick Hathaway
Director, Marketer & Editor-in-chief at URL Profiler
Director, Marketer & Editor-in-chief at URL Profiler

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Twitter: Removing Share Counts to Increase Share Price?

The new post I just published digs into the accuracy of the share count metric and explains the motivation behind Twitter's change.

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Did anybody miss our integration with the new Google Search Analytics API? Keyword data is back baby.
It looks like the first batch of tools that use the Search Analytics API is coming - here's "URL Profiler" with its integration. 

I've been using the API to pull out query trends to our forums, which is a fun exercise, and wouldn't have been possible through Search Console directly because of how our forums' URLs are structured (40 "sites" per product/language forum that need to be combined). 

Who's next? What else could or would you use the API for?

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Patrick Hathaway commented on a post on Blogger.
Hi +John Mueller 
Just letting you know we've integrated the API into our tool +URL Profiler, you can read about it here -

This allows users to pull back page level keyword & ranking data for any list of URLs they upload.

We've been trying to request permission to increase our request limit (which we will hit very soon), but the form in the Developer Console is broken!

Anything you could do to help, or put us in touch with someone on the API team who could help?

Also very keen to hear what you think about our integration.


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Keyword Data from Search Analytics API

We've updated +URL Profiler to now include a Search Analytics integration, allowing you to pull keyword and ranking data at the URL level, direct from the Search Console.

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Honored to have been a guest on +David Bain 's radio show talking #SEO  and #Ecommerce  

P.s. - it's a #video  interview, and I look real dumb on camera :)

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When Disavowing Links At The Domain Level, Don’t Let Your Machete Turn Into A Guillotine

Great post about a very important issue by +Glenn Gabe over on Search Engine Land. Have you checked your disavow lists to make sure you haven't accidentally disavowed a load of powerful links?

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No Mobile-friendly Tag? Here's Why
My latest post takes a 25,000 page look at what triggers the mobile-friendly tag in the SERPs.

And more importantly - what causes it to not show.

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Bulk Check Thousands of URLs For Mobile Friendly-ness
Latest URL Profiler update is a cracker (and much requested). Import any list of URLs, and check to see if they pass Google's Mobile-Friendly test.

Can also check Mobile & Desktop PageSpeed at the same time.

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In case you were wondering about the value of EQ and IQ, here are some numbers that illuminate reality.....

If you are a parent, like I'm lucky to be, this is also food for thought when it comes to balancing school grades at the cost of other things....

  #life   #success  

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Nicely said!
Rewriting the web, page by page

As a semantic copywriter, you get the privilege of rewriting clients' content that ::cough:: 'doesn't need much changing.' 

First port of call should always be NLP - how easy is the content to read? For me, #HemingwayApp  is the tool of choice.

The other data extraction tests:
• taxonomies, relations, lemmatization, keyword prominence
◘ (+AlchemyAPI),
• subsequent social tagging and RDFa
◘ ( #OpenCalais )
• and sentiment analyses
◘ (+Textalytics)
are worth Jack if your meaning is hidden beneath rambling sentences.

One word can change the whole meaning of an article in the eyes of a search indexer. Yep, just one word (usually a targeted sentiment or unnecessary adverb) and its placement can totally flip the whole concept.

So when you paste in the original content you have to rewrite and it looks like this - wow. you've got your work cut out.

35 sentences, 2 hard to read, 12 'very hard' to read.

Of the remaining 21 sentences, 4 are part of a bullet list, 9 are headers/sub-headings.

Google and Bing both reported this month having trouble trying to extract data from human-source web pages (KG); it's easy to see why.

The long hard road to rewriting the web starts here 

Not sure where it leads? Get a guide.

The possibility of not ranking for key terms awaits for those who meander from the path, if those terms are obscured by superfluous forna or buried in the undergrowth. Be clear; be crystal clear!
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