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My contribution to PanoPoker, theme: clouds
#panopoker is brought to you by +Mike Spinak +Barry Blanchard +Tony Payne
I guess we have all looked up at the clouds and could see different shapes of things. I see several things in the sky here, but what do you see?
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Liz C
Superman !
Looks like a woman in a long dress with flowing long hair . . . surfing . . . or riding a flying carpet. Not sure what that means, +Clark Crenshaw.
+Kari Johnson that's kind of weird...

I see smoke rings being blown into the air (from top right downward) via a talented smoker, of which there are few left these days. :-)

Lovely photo +Clark Crenshaw!
I see a man in 3/4 profile looking left with an unusually large nose and perhaps round glasses(or cartoony eyes) like Gargamel from the smurfs?
Yowza! This is brilliant!
Wow!! this photo gave me goosebumps!! its insanely beautiful!! i wish i could live somewhere like this, just with a beautiful lake infront :)
Wow, how wonderful! What I see? I see the sky draw a painting for you. :-P
Oh yeah, this is a very cool comp. Completely isolated building and those Cirrus clouds overhead are fantastic. Love how the sky darkens to the top like you are heading into space. Beautiful image!
The clouds look like angels hovering over this lonesome barn (or is it a house?) and field.
+Joy Harrison Storage building is probably the best description of the structure. I also see a flying angel. I also see a dogs face if I really stretch it.
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