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Ed Lea
I make Designer.
I make Designer.


Wrote a little Sketch plugin for sharing artboards. Check it out.

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+Larry Page you should wonder down to the team behind #formsf14  and give them a solid pat on the back. Really good event (not to mention for being a first event).

Really enjoyed it +Roman Nurik +Jon Wiley +Brynn Evans - hope there's a next...

+Google Design​ will there be somewhere we can leave bikes at the FORM event tomorrow?

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#DevTools Tip: New eye dropper tool (Canary)

From the colour picker in the Elements Panel, you can make use of the eye dropper tool to pick colours you see on the inspected web page.
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Has anyone ever designed an #android app that featured both a drawer navigation and a split action bar? #design #ui

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Anyone successfully self repaired a nexus 4 cracked screen?

#nexus4   #crackedscreen   #repair  

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Just updated my jQuery plugin with a few nice CSS reveal transitions.
  #jquery   #css3   #gallery   #jqueryplugins  

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Just posted about Rubber Duck [UX] Debugging

#design   #product   #ux   #uxdesign  

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Finally launched, please can I have my weekends back?

If you're wondering, grabs all of your content online so you can make a personal site. Here's mine

Also made a cool little feature to use it without signing up. If you're on GitHub or Dribbble, do this

but obviously replace "ed-lea" with your github username! Alternatively, just go to the home page and you'll see instruction there too.

Let me know what you think O.o

#portfolio   #website   #product   #design   #exhausted  
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