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US News & World Report...Travel Credit Cards
Travel credit cards explained…there’s
so much to know.  If you travel, it would be a good idea to read what U.S. News
found out in their survey. They’ve done the legwork…you just need to figure out
what’s best for you. Recently, I
was asked to collaborate w...

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Maximize Those Rewards
Thinking about travel credit
cards…do I really need one? While only you can answer that
question for you, if you’re going to travel very much, it can definitely be
worth it. Why? Things like travel insurance,
protecting your rental car, luggage issues, and ...

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I'm Confused...Which Travel Card Do I Need?
You thought you
had the best travel credit card. Then, you see an ad on TV and you
begin to wonder. That one sounds better than yours. Or, does it? You’re
confused. Maybe you should get both. How do
you know? Recently, I
was asked to collaborate with U.S. N...

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chairs…just a few stools.  No tables…just a long wooden bar and some upturned
wine barrels.  Dozens of well-used,
copper pots hang from the dark, wooden ceiling.  Tour groups wander in…but don’t
stay for even one glass. Locals stop at the same time each ...

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Park Your Car...Or Not?
can’t wait to get on the plane to France, Denver, San Diego, or somewhere. It
doesn’t matter. You’re excited to go. But…you
have to get to the airport and then leave your car. If you’re gone for an
extended period of time…it may cost you a bundle. What

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How Do Travel Credit Cards Work?
Let's say you want to go to Paris.  Do you like a particular hotel or
airline? Do you have a credit card that gives you points or rewards when you
stay or fly with your favorites? How about if you use that card on other
purchases? Do you spend more just to ...

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Cheeriest Little Island
Burano, an
island in the northern Venetian Lagoon, has been referred to as one of the most
colorful places on earth as well as one of the top 10 most colorful cities in
the world.  Approaching Burano from Venice, it’s easy to see why. Brightly
colored house...

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Bar a Vin, Bordeaux
For wine lovers, there’s just something about tasting Bordeaux wines.  There’s
something special about tasting those wines in Bordeaux. After all, we should
get a taste before we head out to the vineyards. But, how and where to start? With so many areas, AV...

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Travel Credit Cards
Like most
travelers, I use credit cards when I travel. Most of us probably use those same
cards when we’re not traveling, in hopes of gaining points, rewards, and
upgrades. Right? After all, we
constantly see ads on television about this card or that one an...

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