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David Augustyn
(screen+copy) writer, raconteur, rapscallion
(screen+copy) writer, raconteur, rapscallion

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To the brave young men on Omaha and Utah, on Juno, Gold and Sword; and to those who came from out of the sky; to those among you still living and to those long gone: you are not forgotten. And thank you.

(h/t +Jayson Elliot)

So while you sit back and wonder why
I got this fucking thorn in my side
Oh my, it's a mirage
I'm tellin' y'all it's SABOTAGE!

#philosophyfriday #adamyauch #mca

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Ugh. The misguided #starwarsday nonsense begins... I really wish this would die. It's based on a stupid pun—one that only works in English.

"May the 4th," har dee fucking har. It's like something Jar-Jar would have come up with. Or a Doctor Who nerd.

The true Star Wars Day is May 25, the day the film premiered.

Tim Burton needs to make a biopic about #NikolaTesla. Starring Jonny Depp, of course.

My #NikolaTesla trend can beat up your stupid faux-celebrity tart trend.

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1st post: June 29, 2011... Wow, I'm never an early adopter.

How to get uncircled, a minor rant by yours truly:

1. Respect the streams. If your G+ stream is always public chances are it's a hot mess, with everything from cat pictures to DIY videos to blind reshares. G+ has made it very easy to share (and contribute) information that's of interest to people who circle you.

2. Your stream is always public and your posts have little to do with the circle I have you in. This is typically an issue with people who don't circle back. So, for that reason alone, I will uncircle. Unless I find you interesting.

3. You post cat pictures. All. The. Time.

4. Your stream is essentially an RSS feed of your blog or news site or whatever. I can just as easily ignore your blog through Google Reader.

5. Your stream is not in English. While one might get warm fuzzy feelings about the global community G+ is creating, I'm not interested in using it to polish foreign language skills or as a substitute PEN club.

6. Your stream is entirely made of lengthy posts about "maximizing your social media profile" and "optimizing your internetting." This is social media. I use it. I get it. It's a tool. Do you go to an art museum and talk people's ears off about the fucking elevators?

7. Cats. I don't like cats. Seriously. I will uncircle you for that shit.

8. We've actually had several good discussions on your public posts, and yet for some reason you don't circle back. I didn't fail the audition. You did.

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Point. Click. Learn.

Real easy to add your name to Google's petition as well.
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