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Tyne Teas

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Fish Stew
Fish Stew Serves four Gently heat a splash of olive   oil  in a casserole pan and soften a couple of finely chopped onions and about four cloves of chopped crushed garlic for a few minutes. Add about 500g of new potatoes chopped into bite-sized pieces. (If ...

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Cous Cous
Lovely with lamb, steak, chicken or fishfingers (yes really!) or cold as a salad. Five minutes prep, five minutes 'cooking' Serves 4 (probably with leftovers for lunch) Finely chop about 3 spring onions and a couple of peppers (I usually use one red, one ye...

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Black Olive Pate
Finely chop some black olives . (I use a rocker chopper/mezzaluna) Mix in some cream cheese (twice the weight of olives, and maybe a little bit more) Add lemon juice and black pepper to taste Lovely with crusty bread and tomatoes and cucumber (I usually get...

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Bacon and Tomato Pasta
Serves 3-4 and ready in about twenty minutes Chop one or two slices of bacon per person (I like smoked)  into bite size pieces and put in pan. Start off on a gentle heat to release some of the fat so no oil is needed. Cook for a couple of minutes stirring o...

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Having posted previously that I am not great at cakes (I don't have a particularly sweet tooth and I enjoy the variability of creating stuff to taste, not a set formula) when giving a virtually foolproof citrus loaf cake  I have been a bit more experimental...

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Roast Red Pepper Sauce
Great as a dip, as an alternative to pesto, with pasta, with chicken, with potato wedges. Best made a few hours or a day in advance. Roast three whole red peppers on an oven tray for about 40 mins at 200c. Skin them by putting them in a plastic bag for a co...

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Smoked Mackerel
Two quick and tasty things to do with smoked mackerel Use a fork to pull the fish from the bones and skin Smoked Mackerel Pate Mash up with some butter/spread (I usually use about an ounce for three fillets), some black pepper, lemon juice (and some parsley...

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Spicy Golden Rice and Chicken
Quick and tasty. Serves 4 (probably with leftovers) This mildly spicy rice can make a small amount of chicken go a long way - one or two breasts or two or three thighs will seem like loads Chop the chicken into small pieces and gently cook in small amount o...

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Pork Rib Marinade
This will comfortably do 1.5kgs of ribs. (It is not a particularly hot marinade despite the quantities of spices) Mix together 6 tsps of paprika 1tsp of cayenne pepper 1tsp of black pepper big pinch of thyme small pinch of salt 5 fl oz honey (a half cup) 2....

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Stuffed Peppers
Put the oven on to about 200 c/GM 6 Cut the peppers in half (lengthways) and remove the stalk and seeds. It's nice to have a good mix of colours and each person will probably eat three or four halves.  A pound of mince (450-500g) will stuff up to about ten ...
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