In December of last year, we announced that we would wind down the Freebase service and transfer the data to Wikidata. We also made a commitment to continue to support users of the Freebase API by creating a replacement API that would help with searching the Knowledge Graph.

Today, we’re happy to announce the Knowledge Graph Search API ( This API will allow you to query the Knowledge Graph for entities. It uses standard types and is compliant with JSON-LD specifications. We are working on a replacement for the Freebase Suggest Widget ( that leverages the Knowledge Graph Search API and hope to release it early next year.

We will continue to support the Freebase API and widget for three full months after the Suggest Widget replacement is released, at which point we will shut it down. If you want to stay updated on future improvements to our Search-related developer offerings, please follow our Google Developers channel at

The Google Knowledge Graph Team
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