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When we publicly launched Freebase back in 2007, we thought of it as a "Wikipedia for structured data." So it shouldn't be surprising that we've been closely watching the Wikimedia Foundation's project Wikidata[1] since it launched about two years ago. We believe strongly in a robust community-driven effort to collect and curate structured knowledge about the world, but we now think we can serve that goal best by supporting Wikidata -- they’re growing fast, have an active community, and are better-suited to lead an open collaborative knowledge base.

So we've decided to help transfer the data in Freebase to Wikidata, and in mid-2015 we’ll wind down the Freebase service as a standalone project. Freebase has also supported developer access to the data, so before we retire it, we’ll launch a new API for entity search powered by Google's Knowledge Graph.

Loading Freebase into Wikidata as-is wouldn't meet the Wikidata community's guidelines for citation and sourcing of facts -- while a significant portion of the facts in Freebase came from Wikipedia itself, those facts were attributed to Wikipedia and not the actual original non-Wikipedia sources. So we’ll be launching a tool for Wikidata community members to match Freebase assertions to potential citations from either Google Search or our Knowledge Vault[2], so these individual facts can then be properly loaded to Wikidata. 

We believe this is the best first step we can take toward becoming a constructive participant in the Wikidata community, but we’ll look to continually evolve our role to support the goal of a comprehensive open database of common knowledge that anyone can use.

Here are the important dates to know:

Before the end of March 2015
- We’ll launch a Wikidata import review tool
- We’ll announce a transition plan for the Freebase Search API & Suggest Widget to a Knowledge Graph-based solution

March 31, 2015
- Freebase as a service will become read-only
- The website will no longer accept edits 
- We’ll retire the MQL write API

June 30, 2015
- We’ll retire the Freebase website and APIs[3]
- The last Freebase data dump will remain available, but developers should check out the Wikidata dump[4]

The Knowledge Graph team at Google

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The next step for Freebase: wikidata
It would be great to have parts of freebase becoming open source, are there any plans on that? 
Is WikiData open source? Everything Freebase is going to store there will be open. 
Now dbpedia will have the right to use this data also?
+Bernard Vatant  this is the most gentle retirement of the service I've ever seen in Google. Kudos to the freebase team that they've managed to persuade google to allocate the  money for the data transition
This may be a dumb question, but what happens to Mid's used in structured data markup?
+Bernard Vatant yes thanks, I wonder if the Mid's will be instrumental in the transition plan. ie; should we be adding these in wikidata in anticipation of the transition?
Right the week when someone named Albertine Meunier (it's an alias) is tweaking info in Freebase to mess with the Google Knowledge Graph. Coincidence?
meh... most likely a coincidence. 
I am currently developing an application that relies extensively on MQLread API. Right now I see these new changes as somewhat disconcerting. What are the implications for my project and what are my options here?
This sucks big time... Data from freebase is used on other sites too, because of limited coverage of Wikimedia projects. Now those sites have to find another free project.
Is there any possibility of publishing a rough overview of what the 'Knowledge Graph-based solution' for search/widget will look like prior to the end of March, or at least publishing what the intent is for the solution? Thanks.
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Will these API services (Search, Reconciliation, MQL, Topic, RDF) in Freebase remain the same after transferring to Wikidata?  
How will the YouTube API handle this change?  Will the topic details for videos continue to be available from read-only Freebase, will they map to Wikidata, or just remove that part of the API entirely?
+Chris Heino Even if topic details remains, new entities won't be accessible. So its useless in that sense as well (if your app wants fresh data).
I've looked at WikiData and find no way to see the two sites as being comparable.  FreeBase has so much more going for it than Wiki's attempt at creating a database.  I am very disappointed and at this point do not see what could make me even use wikiData, let alone spend time contributing.  Please realize that wikimedia's methods cannot properly replace FreeBase.
+Chris Heino
Thanks for the link, it's very interesting.  Seems they may have considered  laying the database into wikipedia also which would be wonderful I think, and should be doable.  Part of the problem I think is that there are so few people, even computer professionals who respect databases.  I started working with Paradox for DOS in the eighties and they had a memo field that was limited only by the hard drive size.  And how wonderful it would be if directories were linked with a database that would allow some info to be added to explain directories and files.  We'll have to see how they sort it out, I'm not expecting a lot.
How can I get my company page on right side of google search like hp, ibm etc. I have read it's a part of knowledge graph. I just want simple method to get it. If somebody knows, please assist me to get it.
Found it! After wading through 29 billion pages of the total CF of hell that is Wikipedia documentation on itself (Wikidata being no exception), here is the link that SEOs, web programmers and DBAs will want to review to understand Wikidata classes, properties and datatypes - in other words, the data schema for the database of "facts" about the world's people, places and things and apparently the new home of the motherlode fueling Google's and Yahoo's knowledge graphs (dare we call it the DMOZ of data?):
Now who's got the ERWIN diagram?
Getting closer:
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How many forward-thinking web services step down when they recognize a more qualified competitor entering their field? I think it's commendable that you're handling this transition in the way you are, and really hope this sets the tone for Wikidata's future. Thank you.
Hello knowledge graph team!  Many of us are eagerly awaiting the transition plan for the API and suggest widget to a Knowledge Graph-based solution. I know you have a few weeks left on the deadline, but any early news would be very much appreciated. :-)

Also, are there any plans to grow/support/develop the community of knowledge graph developers? Maybe you could address that in your transition plan post.

Thank you. :-)
+Topher Hunt
It is the other way around from what I 've seen.  The more qualified competitor is the one stepping down.  If you know something to back up your statement please provide links.  Show us.
+Jim Gossage I have nothing to back up my comment; my understanding of this transition is as naive and general as possible. Good to know that there's more going on here, I'll try to temper my enthusiasm.
Can't some one else just take over the freebase project?
Any updates on the Knowledge Graph API release? Has anyone heard about any access limitations (if any)?
+Bernard Vatant you have a point, since a Wikidata founder & director is now employed by Google, it seems like the open-source version of Google ACQUIRING a company and its technology, not RETIRING a service.  Answering questions directly in the SERPs is Google's future of search.  Bearing in mind that Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, I imagine the future of Google search as an android with AI that can hold a conversation. There will be no need to visit other websites. Sure, you can check the source of a fact if you want, but most users won't bother - just like the way they use Wikipedia.  I see this move simply as the route Google has found to bring into its fold a means to compete with what Wikipedia provides.
Hey freebase! Thx for all the fish! Hate to see you go.
Why Google shuts down Freebase on 30th of June 2015 ?
I have spent a lot of time studying in detail and experimenting with Freebase, and I am truly disappointed to see such a great collective effort to suddenly disappear from the software development scene without a good reason. I am justifying this argument here
Hi. I'm using the Freebase API on an app developed in Java.

After the 30th, will I still be able to retrieve data?

The library is "google-api-services-freebase-v1-rev63-1.19.0.jar".

Thanks for your response!
+Google+   why the heck I can't select the text on these comments while reading them ?
Truly sad to see Freebase is going away. Who else has made the massive unstructured wiki data structured? 
API seems to be still working, any idea when they will pull the plug?
This is a problem because a lot of it is incorrect or out of date, but people keep using it anyway. Including Google!
Wikidata is currently almost empty compared to Freebase. I guess we all hope you will move all the Freebase data in Wikidata and make it publicly available before shutting down Freebase. This should have been done before making Freebase readonly.
Any update ? You should have deprecated it once the new solution was ready
this might be a dumb question but here I go; anyone know how to use Knowledge Graph API on Android/Java?any free fully working code I could use?thanks in advance
heh, it's just plain stupid to 'deprecate' this api... but to hell with the users, right? just whatever the mighty google wants... the 'reasons' for the deprecation are lame too... 
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Hey. I would like to map the freebase topic ids that i get via YOUTUBE ANALYTICS API to corresponding titles. Which Api should i use.!? Can someone help me with this.
Did the API stop working altogether? We get 404 but the the website says it will stop working on Aug 2016

I'm reading an article from A. Bordes that use Freebase. What should I do now ?

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