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Tommy Cooper at Swinscoe
There is a story of a depressed man in the early years of the
last century who went to see the eminent psychiatrist Sigmund Freud at his
practice in Vienna. On hearing the troubled man’s account Freud attempted to
shake off man’s lethargy by  suggesting tha...

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The Execution of William Collier 1866
I came across a newspaper report in
the Leek Post and Times of the birthday celebrations of a centenarian from
Kingsley who informed the journalist that he had witnessed the last public
hanging in Stafford in 1866 when he was a young man.  IN 1866, the King...

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Leek Mechanics Institute 1847
In my searches of  the British Newspaper Archive I came across a
heated debate held in the Swan in Leek on the 16th April 1847 over the issue of
whether novels should be admitted to the library of Leek Mechanics Institute.
Mechanics Institutes were an early...

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Remembering the Holocaust
Each year National
Holocaust Day, held on the 27 th January, seeks to commemorate the
victims of the Holocaust as well as
stressing a continuing commitment to oppose racism and genocide. The
date is significant as it is the day  the
Red Army liberated Ausch...

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Trolling in Alstonefield= an example from 1737
Until a few years the only troll I heard about existed in
Scandanavian legend. They were the ugly, misshapen creatures of evil intent who
undermined the good order of society by causing chaos and disruption. Now
Trolls are ugly, misshapen individuals who us...

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The Witching Hour
It is nearly Halloween
and the time when witches are abroad casting spells and causing mayhem. Witches
hold a powerful hold on the imagination as the interest in the Pendle case in
Lancashire of the 17 th century testifies. The fear of witches and
their per...

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