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Paintless Dent Repair, or PDR, involves the removal of hail dents and other types of damage on exterior surface panels without disturbing a vehicles finish.

A paintless dent repair is much less expensive than a traditional dent removal. It can be the difference between spending $100 to $200 dollars instead of $1000- $2000. The Auto Color dent removal charge when using PDR is small in comparison to traditional dent removal. 

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Drivers can save money by doing a lease car inspection and repairing excessive wear and tear prior to returning the car. If there is more wear than the leasing company deems “normal wear” in any part of the car, there will probably be corresponding charges to correct any problems.

Auto Color is the perfect partner to work with in correcting excessive wear issues. We specialize in repairing all of the minor collisions, scratches, dings and dents potentially classifying as excessive wear relative to vehicle lease returns. We provide the following services to help you save money with your lease returns– 
Minor Collision Repair
Dent Repair
Plastic Bumper Repair
Paint Repairs
Upholstery Repairs
Windshield Chip Repair
Alloy Wheel Repair
Auto Detailing

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Summer Driving Is Tough On Cars
Simple Tips To Protect Your Finish

After driving all summer you have encountered many things that if not attended to, are degrading your vehicle's finish. Our advice is to wash your car or have it detailed as soon as possible to minimize environmental damage.
Bird splat, road tar and insects cannot be avoided and, if left on your car, they will turn acidic and etch your finish. The longer they are left on the finish, the more noticeable the damage. Your hood, roof and trunk are most susceptible to bird and insect damage.
In Wisconsin, we all know summer is just another term for road construction. Tar from road construction can harm the finish on the lower part of your car, similar to the way insects and birds can harm the finish on top. The sooner you remove it, the better it is for your paint.
Road construction also brings stone chips and chipped windshields. Chipped paint can lead to rust and larger problems if not repaired. (   And, a chipped windshield can easily turn into large, long cracks, ruining your windshield and creating a safety hazard if not repaired.  (

Our Advice - Wash and wax your car well to remove all of the finish ruining elements. If there are any marks or tar remaining when you are done, remember, they are the ones damaging your finish. If you want some help, bring your car to Auto Color for a complete, protective detailing before the harsh winter arrives. 

Available at Both Auto Color Locations

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Headlight Restoration – NO more yellow - foggy headlights - $65 and a Lifetime Warranty - Headlight replacements can easily cost from $200 to $500 dollars (plus installation form $50 to $90). The Auto Color headlight restoration charge is only $65 and is guaranteed for the life of your car. If you pay for it once, you will never have to pay a second time and your headlights will look great and be safe. Long dark winter nights will be a bit brighter with a headlight restoration.

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