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Erica Zimmer
Hey You Guys!
Hey You Guys!

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Looking for feedback. My administrator would like the get 1 HTC Vive for our district and set it up in a space in each school for a period of time through out the year instead of getting mulitple cheaper sets. We can only afford 1 considering we also need to get a decent gaming laptop to go with it. Is it worth getting one for our district? 

Is there a way to force people to make a copy of a FOLDER in drive? I know how to do it with a doc, but it doesn't appear you can do it for an entire folder? 

Looking for a solution. We are currently in the middle of doing proficiency-based grading and we are looking for a way to tag assignments with various proficiency indicators using google classroom or other google apps. I looked at "topics" in Google Classroom, but it appears you can only assign 1 topic at a time. Basically, we want teachers to be able to have any easy way to tag assignments by indicators using google tools that are then searchable within a google tool or google classroom. Any ideas?

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RCSU Tech in the Classroom Showcase!

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Check out this Tech in the Classroom example - Blogging in the Classroom

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Failing with Little Bits -  Why we need a MakerSpace.

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My introduction.....

Welcome to the Google Classroom PD Community. During the duration of the Google Classroom PD, you will be asked to post tasks for each learning module in the corresponding discussion area. There is a discussion area for each learning module.

To begin, please introduce yourself and why you're taking this course and post to 'Introductions'.

Feel free post any questions in 'Help me, please!'

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Hi! I have a 4th grade class looking to do thier first Mystery Hangout. We are in Vermont. They just finished studying the different regions of the US, so I think this would be a great first hangout for them! 
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