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Our lizard Dave, a fine iguana if ever there was one!

I love the directly proportional relationship in Portland between great weather and people showing up at the gym to work out. Inverse relationship.

Trying Google+ again thanks to a much improved iPhone app. If you can see this what is your favorite thing about Google+ and how are you using it differently than Twitter and Facebook?

We are starting to plan for ACCELERATE Boston on October 24th and wanted to get your feedback on the topics we should cover. Here is the list ... what do you think is missing and what would you LOVE to hear about?

Mobile Analytics
Multichannel Analytics
Tools Every Analyst Should Know About
Non-Retail Analytics
Vendor Relationship Management
Building Analytics Teams
Analytics Centers of Excellence
Big Data
Managing Analytics Product Suites/Portfolios
Campaign Analytics

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Are you following Web Analytics Demystified in Google+ yet? If not, you should! We are using the platform as an extension of our blogs and work in the web analytics community.

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Added more information about our upcoming ACCELERATE conference in San Francisco including detail about where folks are flying in from and where participants work.

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Web Analytics Demystified brand and community page in Google+. Won't you circle us?

Here's a question for those of you who manage/measure web sites: How important is performance and performance optimization?

There has been lots published by vendors in the past year but I'm interested in the types of conversations that are happening internally on the subject of site performance and performance optimization.

For example, are you considering a Tag Management System (TMS) primarily because it will improve site delivery? Or have you made changes in your content delivery strategy recently?

If you're comfortable sharing here, great. If not, email me (eric dot peterson at is fine) and we can arrange a time to talk.

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