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Gary Venter (all-sorts websites)
I make websites for architects
I make websites for architects

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A long (38,000 words) but excellent read.

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A revolution is coming.

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A website for Blane Brackenridge Architecture

Blane is a talented Perth architect. I've worked with him for the past few years developing his website, which went live today.

Blane's architecture is refreshing and confident - a very Australian Modernism that lives well in bright sunlight.

#websitedesign   #architecture  

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A new year a new all-sorts website.

I discuss strategies for architects looking for new clients, and feature faux-3d parallax vignettes of the work of Le Corbusier.

Each feature article uses its own form in Textpattern (using 'override form', something I've rarely used in the past ). This allowed me to blend my 'vignettes' (custom svg code with parallax.js hooks) with the remainder of the page code (a bunch of forms, each fed colour-scheme variables via txp:yield).

#websitedesign   #lecorbusier   #parallax  

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A website refresh for Sydney architects Kennedy Associates.

I particularly like their new AGL Pavilion…

#architecture   #websitedesign   #kennedyassociates  

I recently completed phase 1 of a new website for a new architecture firm in Boston MA: Saam Architects

Tasks included the design of their logo, business cards and software document templates.

#website-design #architects

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As a break from web design, I like to sketch—refining ideas I have about a new house lower down on our property.

Difficult access, steep-as and constrained by a building-height control on the north-eastern boundary, the site is challenging.

I've worked through scores of variants over the years, but I still find aspects of my design wanting…

#studio2  #architecture   #housedesign  
Studio 2 | Sketches from my iPad
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I've recently started work on a new website for saam architecture, Boston MA.

I'll also be tackling saam's branding and business stationery design.

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