Ruler of the Ruling Class: Our American Way of Democracy

A lifelong enthusiast of gambling for profit, Francis K. Fong has developed the casino game of Blackjack beyond the well-worn strategies in card counting.  (see, "Bragging rights," preceding About Page.) In gambles on a life-sized scale, as a career gambler who thinks odds, he first took lessons from 7th Circuit Judge Richard Posner, the famed jurist and Professor of Law at the University of Chicago. He learned from Posner's economic model for bribe-taking judges, our brand of democracy in the United States, that of a ruling class running insiders circles of public services. 

"A cost of public corruption that I neglected to mention," wrote Posner, "is that it advantages insiders, i.e., people who know whom to bribe, how much to pay and in what form, etc. So people invest in becoming insiders, and the investment represents an added cost of transactions that has on average no economic benefit." 

Fong, having learned this long-settled American way of life, submission of the (subservient) Ruled Classes to the Ruling Class, then made the unexpected bet.  

Instead of betting on (paying for) becoming a member of the Ruling Class, he developed a winning strategy for becoming the Ruler ruling the Ruling Class.  In the manner he developed the casino BJ game beyond MIT's counting system, he standardized a procedure for tipping the odds for the Ruler ruling the Ruling Class and against the Ruling Class.  (It takes several readings to get this sentence right.)  By this procedure, he 

1. Delineates the network of public officials, Federal, State and Local, their leadership, by which the insiders circle is run;
2. Identifies the laws prohibiting the operations of the insiders circle's public services;
3. Renders vulnerable a vital link in the network;
4. Works within the agency of the Internal Revenue Service -- this Federal Agency is governed by the strictest set of Federal Laws, the Internal Revenue Code, but at the same time, most vulnerable to penetration by the insiders circle; and
5. Administers the choke hold that smothers the sustenance for the insiders circle.  

For a closer look at Fong's development of this procedure for unraveling the Calvin cycle mystery, see, and  A specific example involves his approval, in June of 2012, of Purdue Board's appointment of Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels as President of Purdue University.  The condition was that Mr. Daniels make corrections of the Calvin cycle Curriculum.  On 12/21/12, he issued a letter to Purdue Board, to which was attached Fong's 12/20/12 letter, a reminder, addressed to Mr. Daniels before he took office as Purdue University President. The message was, the worst enemy of the American way of democracy is not public corruption, that of our American Government, federal, state, county, and municipal.  Rather, it is we, the Americans, who would forget the simple and obvious answer to the question: "Who is the U.S. Government?"  The reminder was, if and when it becomes necessary, Fong will enforce the government of this great Democracy.  
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