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All about cars, gasoline, electric, diesel..whatever!
All about cars, gasoline, electric, diesel..whatever!

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Now this is starting to be a useful electric car.

300 mile range. 7 seats. Still a bit pricey, but $77k isn't outrageous.

I can see an issue, which is that many many people should hold off buying a new car until this technology matures a little.

Anyone else think that this could this be an issue for the market?

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Love them or hate them, #Porsche 911s have a couple of overwhelming advantages if you're looking for a performance car.

People know what they are.
You really can use them every day.
They will last forever.

Personally, we love them. +Porsche are doing a great job in our book.

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An interesting article on electric cars in Europe.

Also mentioned on the WSJ Europe

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If you're in the US and looking for parts/info on a variety of European sports cars - but particularly Porsche - the guys at are worth a look.

We've been hanging around the site for YEARS.

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The Detroit Show is still one of the best places to see all the new cars.

There's a good summary of the vehicle introductions here.

Gotta say, one of the funkiest introductions looks like the Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

The Formula 1 news machine is busy over the last few days....

In summary;
- Bruno Senna is joining Williams and Rubens Barrichello is leaving.
- Damon Hill is joining Sky as a "pundit"
- Lewis Hamilton needs to get his life under control
- that's about it....other than the usual "there'll be a new car" stuff.


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Gotta say, Toyota may be proud of their 2012 American Car Show virtual reality web page, but I think it's awful. #toyota

Sorry the cars, hate the webpage.

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Among all the usual 2012 car announcements, one application stands out. #ferrari

Hear what a Ferrari sounds like on your iPhone. [No android yet, seemingly]

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