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Gori Suture
Author of books, Erotic & Strange
Author of books, Erotic & Strange


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Blue Emy was lost, lost
in water droplets of translucent crimson, which sparkled like rubies in the
sunlight.  She watched them, drop after drop, as each one rolled down her
skin, dawdled on her breasts, and then crashed onto her teddy bear Blue's
drenched ...
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For those who love free books...
Start book one of The Final Life Series by Rose Garcia, #Free today!

Final Life #FreeRead
Final Stand:
Final Death:
+Rose Garcia
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Till Death Do Us Part Bill
felt uneasy as he walked up the steps to Lucas and Adelaide's house.  They had decorated for Halloween, and a skeleton
grinned at him as it flopped in a violent wind, dancing to the dissonant symphony
of myriad wind chimes.  Strin...
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Last Halloween
Halloween Bone chilling rain misted down upon the
Oldsmobile 442.  Thick fog made the curvy mountain road even more
treacherous for Scot to navigate the foursome to their sacred place. The rock-and-roll on the radio gave way to
static, so Louise, who w...
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Maynard sat on the sofa, curled up
against the backrest with his face half buried in the cushions.  He didn't
say much. Nikki stared at him.  She wondered
why she hadn't noticed before that Maynard sort of looked like a turtle. 
She kept...
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Dear friends and fans,

As most of you know, I have been on a hiatus since early 2014 when my health became too poor to endure the stress of being a writer and publisher. I basically pulled my webpage and blogs and just listed all of my ebooks to be free for anyone who cared to read them.

I am better than I was, though I still suffer from RSD. I am returning to the world, slowly but surely. I am in the process of putting my webpage and blogs back up. As I restructure, some things that have been free will no longer be free, so I encourage you to grab a free copy while you can. You can find them on Amazon or any of the links listed here:

Soon, some different and new things will be free, so check back!
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#googleplayfail  So apparently my literature is the scariest thing on the internet.  #Google has pulled Asphyxia. What right do corporations have to decide what we read?  They say my #books have no artistic merit, but in truth, they teach #magick and #mindexpansion.  Google discriminates against non-Christians!  I just wrote my #books for my own #spiritual growth, but after facing so much corporate censorship, now I see how essential it is for others to have access.  I won’t give in to #censorship.  I’ll just give my #books away for #free elsewhere.
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Thanks to all of you for your concern.  I am not giving up writing.  I am giving up publishing.  I used to make a little cash, but then Amazon black listed me and I make next to nothing now.  So why bother with all the work to make nothing.  Those who know me understand that I struggle with RSD, and I’m very sick.  I can’t work a day job anymore; I just don’t have the health for it.  I need money to live, so something has to give.  Ergo, I’m going to try and find a way to make money despite my condition, hence I’m going back to school, and school must be my priority.  I have no idea what I’m going to do, but I’m tired of living in poverty.  I need money to pay my medical bills.  My dream of paying my bills with my writing just doesn’t seem feasible, so I’m killing it.  As far as my writing goes, I’m just going back to being a hobbyist.  I will release the last part of The Smut Sagas eventually, but I’m not writing as often, so it may take a while.  You can download my books for FREE now, available exclusively as ebooks on Google play here:  If you want a way to show your love and support of me, download a free copy and post a review on google play.
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