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Robert Leuallen
At age 67, been around the block a few times, lov'n life living in Paonia, Colorado
At age 67, been around the block a few times, lov'n life living in Paonia, Colorado

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Would you like to drive around in Joe Cocker's Jag?
You can buy it now.
Goes on auction starting Sunday, 11-22-15 via our local public radio station. 

Joe made his final home here in our beautiful, rather isolated Western Colorado North Fork Mountain Valley, enjoying a calmer pace, becoming involved locally through his Cocker Kids foundation, growing his special delicious juicy red Joematoes in his greenhouse, putting on 2 dynamite benefit sold out concerts at our local county fairgrounds, he was our Valley Guy.

Joe held a big annual yard sale for his kid's foundation, passing on personal stuff to raise money to help local kids, I remember back when I worked for our local regional daily newspaper, our publisher was so pumped, he found a Joe Cocker suite at one of the sales that fit him.

Joe's a classic, as is his car now, his music will live with us forever.

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My artist wife Lynne has been cracking her whip on using her Raku FireMeister tool, me, to get her latest body of work fired and finished for the Holiday season. Fortunately, her whip is gentle, actually tickles a bit, I was elated with another 100% spectacular results with the Fire Dancing, another great show, had standing ovations.
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Presenting 3 of our new Raku Kids, now all grown up and looking forward to new homes & adventure. When selected, they get to go on a fun cross country journey, some going East Coast, others West, all around the middle. The kid on the right may look forward to a special mission holding the ashes of a loved one and not look like an urn.

My Artist wife Lynne has worked with many folks looking for an urn, often an emotional time for people, she's great at helping them work through their preferences. It's an extra warm fuzzy for us when we know our sculptural work will bring special memories of a loved one. The Art of Love, the Love of Art.

I'm not sure what to have done with my ashes down the road. Hmmm, I know this great artist who makes custom urns that don't look like urns, maybe I should have her design it, but that could be weird, making your husband's urn. But being able to fire my own urn could be interesting. Gosh, maybe I'd get some kind of extra spiritual juice firing my own container for my own leftovers. 
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Here's how we do it on our 24/7 streaming, sometimes screaming G+.
I normally don't post GIFs, but I couldn't pass this one up.

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Grudgingly Accepting Climate Change is leading more and more folks to ask where to live to best ride out this coming storm. While the major impact is a few or so years away, enough of it's here now to stimulate some human thinking about where best to be in coming years? 

The Best-Prepared States
California - A
New York - A
Massachusetts - A
Pennsylvania - A
Connecticut - A-
Delaware - B+
North Carolina - B+
Maryland - B+
Washington - B+
Virginia - B
States Most at Risk
Arkansas - F
Texas - F
Nevada - F
Mississippi - F
Missouri - F
Alabama - D-
Ohio - D-
Montana - D-
South Dakota - D-
Kentucky - D

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A clear 6 minute presentation on World Poverty & Immigration to better help understand the immigration challenges we are having. 

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Great concept, via +Laura Gibbs 
60 Minutes On This Bicycle Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours!

Wonder if it could be fitted with a rowing machine instead?

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Here comes the weather stuff...

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Our Climate Change challenge of these times keeps getting more interesting with the "shift" of understanding and knowledge that our messing with Mom Nature may be turning into a Domestic Violence situation. But the wrath of this type of prosecution is nothing compared to doing too little too late.
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