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Phil Maiewski (DarthGM)
99 problems but a Sith ain't one...
99 problems but a Sith ain't one...
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2017: A Better Year
Welcome to 2017 people. It's going to be a weird year, I can tell that already. I'll take a weird year after last year. I could use a year of self improvement and upward progress. A year of learning from past mistakes and making whole new ones. I'm still in...

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2016: Die In A Fire
  Contrary to my last post, maybe I did forget about this thing. This blog has always been a labor of love, and it's always worked best when I've had something to work on or write about that I can share with the masses; Jedi Rules for Edge of the Empire whe...

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 No, I haven't forgotten about this thing. I've been taking a few days off between projects, and then got steamrolled into a few things which ate up a lot of my writing time. Things seem to be stabilizing, so I can finally get back to writing. Most recently...

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Day 30: Last Day
This is it!  The End! The final day of my 30 Days of WorldBuilding challenge for Project Trinary ! I'm psyched up, ready to write, and ready to go!  Let's see what today's final exercise is! Take a break Today's exercise is to NOT exercise. Give yourself a ...

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Day 29: Character II
My last character day didn't go so well, and I ended up cutting her from the Setting because the storyline she was attached to didn't match the themes for the start of the campaign. Today's character exercise is a little different. Exercise : Look in your s...

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Day 28: Left Out
Today should be a blast... Exercise: Spend 15 minutes thinking about two or three of the above "left out
topics" and post in the comments any other world-building topics that
come to mind that you haven't seen addressed in these threads and would
like to...

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Day 27: Plot Hooks
Here we are; Day 27 . We're at another point in the exercise where sharing the development publicly is going to be tricky, or at least "spoilery" for anyone who would be PCing this campaign. It's also another day where the difference between "novel" and "ca...

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Day 26: Anti-What If?
4 days left to go on my 30 Days of WorldBuilding project. The end is in sight, and it looks like I've got a full week ahead of me for putting the finishing touches on my campaign setting framework. I've outlined some speculative elements, set the general mo...

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Day 25: The Sky
So there's a little bit of a snag with today's exercise. Exercise Read this article and then figure out: how many moons does your world have? How long is a
month for each of them? What are they named? Do you have any scenes
already plotted in which moonli...

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Day 24: Mood III
Playing catch-up to yesterday's post, but here goes. There appears to be a lot less structure to today's exercise, and more of a sense of refining what I have prom previous days. Exercise Go through your notes and make a "m?" note next to anything that does...
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