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Angela Craft
30-something blogger, publishing professional, feminist, all around geek
30-something blogger, publishing professional, feminist, all around geek

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Aside from an uncomfortable incident on Friday night, and some delayed anxiety about it Saturday, #Dreamation has been a great success for me! I've only slept about 12 hours out of the last 72, but sacrifices needed to be made in order to both GM AND play this weekend.

Not sure I have it in me yet to do a full con report (lunch will be happening any minute with the Fandible contingent), but all of my games went very well (even though I had the weirdest nerves about End of the World, of all things, both times I ran it). Played some great games as well, including my first non-Fandible games of Dread and Final Girl (!!!). Saw people from the internet in real life (which plus is being stupid and not letting me tag. But hi Meg, Anna, and Misha!) And made new friends too.

The rest of the Fandible crew had a great time as well, and are already making plans for Dexcon this summer!

Whee! First #Dreamation game finished! A rollicking session of Lois Lane Bubblegumshoe. Notable character takes: the artiste who spent half of the session completely wasted, the computer guy who needed to get home for a raid (and wanted to watch the world burn), the indie/goth chick being the party's conscience, and Lois Lane giving us a fantastic closing line.

I love that going to various cons gives me the chance to run the same scenario multiple times and see how it changes with different players!

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We're live! The Watch Kickstarter is a go. +Anna Kreider and I hope you are all able to support our campaign to bring this game to life and get it into as many hands as possible. Whether you're able to help us out by backing the project or by sharing it in your online gaming circles, we'd really appreciate the assist. Thank you so much everyone!

Looks like this is my Dreamation schedule...
Thursday, 8 PM R0200 Lois Lane Bubblegumshoe GM
Friday 9 AM R0226 HEX Peggy Carter GM
Friday 2 PM R0268 Prime Time Adventures
Friday 8 PM R0303 End of the World GM
Saturday 9 AM R0322 HEX Peggy Carter GM
Saturday 2 PM R0353 Fate Core
Saturday 8 PM R0403 End of the World GM
Saturday 12 AM R0410 Dread
Sunday 10 AM R0420 Final Girl

Saturday is going to be looooooooong. But I'm excited!

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Dreamation events you definitely want to register for (self-promotion ahoy!)

R0200 Lois Lane, Cub Reporter. Play teenage Lois Lane and fellow student reporters investigating strange happenings at East Metropolis High! (Bubblegumshoe) Thursday 8 PM

R0226 In the Shadow of Hydra - a Peggy Carter Adventure. Peggy Carter, Dum Dum Dugan, and other members of the SSR are sent to Germany to recover a scientist who claims he can create super soldiers.(Hollow Earth Expedition) Friday 9 AM

R0303 End of the World - This is how the world ends, part 1. Four ordinary people, facing the end of the world! Friday 8 PM

R0322 In the Shadow of Hydra rerun. In case you're already busy Friday morning. Saturday 9 AM

R0403 End of the World - This is how the world ends, part 2. Four ordinary people have survived the apocalypse - now what? Saturday 8 PM

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New t-shirts arrived from Her Universe! Outfits for two days of #Dreamation settled. 😁

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Work-related plug!

Devil in Spring comes out in just over a week, and it's a historical romance novel I think will be of interest to many in my circles.

1) The heroine, Pandora, is a Victorian-era game designer (and is inspired by the woman who originally created what we now know as Monopoly!)
2) Pandora has ADHD (not referenced as such, since it wasn't recognized at the time, but even in the snippet of chapter 1 listed here it's pretty obvious she's dealing with it)

Also, if you're a longtime romance reader, you might know of Lisa's Wallflowers series. The hero in this book is the son of the characters in a Wallflowers book, Devil in Winter.

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In which I play a David Bowie-inspired, nonbinary peacock.
Fandible raises our pinkies as we drink our tea in our FULL ON BRITISH game

You are welcome Cult of Tea and Dice! 


A discussion topic, rather than a straight up essay from me:
What is the best single episode from your favorite TV show?

For me it's hands down Flu Season from Parks & Rec. It is my go-to show whenever I'm feeling sad/sick/scared (Billy practically has made a habit to pull this up on Netflix after we watch a scary movie, as a palate cleanser otherwise I may never sleep again). Great performances, great script, and a beautiful moment in the best TV romance of Ben and Leslie.

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I only just discovered this today, and for various reasons can't get out to the con. But marking my calendar for next year, and sharing in case this is attainable for anyone in my circles.

CLEXACON: March 3-5, 2017 Las Vegas, NV

A Media & Entertainment Convention for LGBTQ Women and Allies
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