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Angela Craft
30-something blogger, publishing professional, feminist, all around geek
30-something blogger, publishing professional, feminist, all around geek

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Part THREE of our Star Wars standalone game! 
The Finale of our #EdgeoftheEmpire session is here! Nothing like a pissed off Ithorian to get the blood racing!

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Excited, nervous, and proud to bring Star Wars to Fandible!

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We're celebrating science at work ahead of the March for Science with our very own version of a science fair. One of my authors is talking probability today, using dice rolls. (One half of the writing duo used to work for White Wolf, so he knows his stuff)

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Our next project on Fandible! #FandibleSoloShot
Been hearing whispers of the #FandibleSoloShot? Well, here is some information on it! See you on May 4th!

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~high pitched squeal~


(I have been waiting for literal years for this exhibition to happen. I will be SO HAPPY if it launches this fall)

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This weekend +William Coffing and I are GMing at a fundraiser event in PA! If you're in the Philadelphia-area, we'd love to see you!

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(Before I get your hopes up ;-) No, I'm not going to Gen Con)

I just sent an e-mail to "customerservice" but it occurs to me I may know people here who can get me to the right person directly (or even have answers? IDK)

If a person were interested in placing an ad in the Gen Con program book, 1) Is that possible? 2) What are prices like?

(I have an author going and she wants an ad. I'm skeptical this will be do-able/effective budget-wise, but doing my due diligence)

Assorted thoughts on last night's The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover episode. (Spoilers)

1) Of course Kara would love The Wizard of Oz. Perfect choice for 90% of her musical references.

2) The big Put a Little Love in Your Heart production number was fun and a great way to get lots of musically-inclined cast members involved at once.

3) John Barrowman's gangster accent got in his way. Sad face.

4) My excitement for queer gangster dads was tempered by the realization that the only parent-aged woman alive on Earth-1 is Felicity's mom. And Kara's Earth only has Dr. Danvers and Cat Grant (more sad face).

5) I was SO HAPPY that Kara dumped Mon-El's lying ass on Monday night. So I am NOT HAPPY that issue was resolved so quickly, let alone not even on Kara's show.

6) This episode has twice as many musical numbers as the average episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, yet few of them had half of the impact of even the worst CXG songs. (Rachel Bloom did write lyrics for the original songs though!)

7) Barry's generic pop ballad at the end dragged on for so long.

So overall, while I enjoyed this as a light and fluffy stand alone episode of TV, the ties into the bigger season-long emotional/romantic plots felt like one big deus ex machina. Plus few of the songs were as effective as they could be - a big sin for a network that has the aforementioned Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I'm glad they did it, but once was definitely more than enough.
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