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30-something blogger, publishing professional, feminist, all around geek
30-something blogger, publishing professional, feminist, all around geek

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When scrolling through the Dexcon game listings a few weeks ago, "Jane Austen" caught my eye. Then "Rage & Resentment" and "Misspent Youth." I signed up SO fast, and this was the game I spent a week hyping up, going "Guys? Guys. Guys! I'm playing a Jane Austen RPG. I love our hobby."

This is an absolutely awesome scenario, and was actually my first real experience playing Misspent Youth! Worth the price of admission - both to the con and for backing the Kickstarter.
+Bill White's “Rage and Resentment: Jane Austen’s Misspent Youth

I met Bill many years ago, almost certainly at a Double Exposure convention. I played Bill’s excellent game Ganakagok fairly early, and I think that’s how we first met. Ganakagok is incredible. It taught me so much about how rules are creative goads, and how to evoke those. Bill is also a smart, kind guy who’s a lot of fun to talk to for hours. Whenever I’m at a con, I try to make sure I get a nice, long hangout session with Bill.

“Rage and Resentment” is such a goddamned cool world. It’s one of the few in Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me that has no supernatural elements. Instead, the YOs are upper-class girls trying to avoid terrible marriages.

Tell us about The Authority you made and why you chose it

I’m afraid to answer this question straight out because I’m worried about sounding either naively dogmatic or cynically ironic, but The Authority in “Rage and Resentment” is the patriarchy. Specifically, it’s the patriarchy of early 19th century Regency-era England, the setting of Jane Austen novels and many a bodice-ripping romance. I actually really enjoy Jane Austen’s work, and think she is a sharp observer of human nature, and I like that there are more and more Regency romance-type games entering the world of role-playing.

_The train of thinking that led me to choose that setting spun out of a couple of different things. _

What is the clique like?

The clique consists of a five teenage girls in a rural English county, an upper-class bride-to-be and her bridesmaids. Two of the girls each personify one half of the title, just like an Austen novel (where you have one character representing “sense” and the other “sensibility”, or one “pride” and the other “prejudice”). In this case, two of the girls are sisters, with “rage” being the sister who acts out against the demands that society imposes on women and “resentment” the one who plays along while inwardly seething and tallying up grudges. The bride is their best friend, earnest and a little naive but oh so fashionable; she is the glue that keeps the clique together. The bad girl of the group is rich and self-centered but convinced that she is helping her friends by encouraging them to cultivate their idiosyncrasies. The final member of the clique is a newcomer from Bombay, an Anglo-Indian girl sent home by her widowed father, still grieving over the loss of her mother and of the life she knew in the big city.

What’s your favorite thing about your world?

I love that R&R:JAMY presents Regency era gender relations and power dynamics as a dystopia. Since those are still the stuff of the modern rhetoric of romance (witness the more or less seamless translation of Emma into Clueless), there is a somewhat arch critique of our own times built into the game. Maybe it's all just old hat to anyone who has moved past first-wave feminism, but it still seems like a worthwhile thing to explore, even if it is just a mirror of Austen’s critique of her own time.

If you want to get “Rage and Resentment,” or any of the worlds and hacks I’ve been talking about, you can make a pledge to the Misspent Youth: Sell Out with Me Kickstarter:

The art for this world by +Christianne Benedict depicts two of the girls gossiping.


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Yeah...this feels like a gaming plot hook if I ever heard one 

Funny moment from my screening of Spider-Man tonight (no spoilers):

A character is caught in the school computer lab when they shouldn't be there. The hasty excuse? "I was...looking"

10 year old kid behind us (loudly): "What's that?"

DexCon is going well, despite getting off to a rocky start thanks to flaky dog sitter. The whole +Fandible​ crew is finally here (Jesus was the straggler this afternoon).

So far I've played Dr. Dolott's superhero/villain marriage counseling LARP (with Billy, and Dan and Dave as another married couple), 10 Candles (with Billy - street level superhero tragic horror had him giddy like a kid at Christmas). This morning brought my first GM session of Hollow Earth (back to running the classic setting rather than Agent Carter and had a great run, despite the room being FREEZING), and then a run of Pinball Showdown, which I backed on Kickstarter as a gift for my dad and can now say first hand is quite fun.

Now spending some down time at the bar with a drink and snacks. A great Friday thus far.

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+Jessica Hammer​ - Others are joining Ada's movement 😂

Sweet! Got into everything I registered for at #DexCon! Still have giant holes in my schedule for last minute pickup gaming/hanging out, but here's what this week looks like so far:

Late afternoon, arrive in Morristown
4-6 PM The Adventures of Dr. Dolotts; "Powerless Heroes and Villains Marriage Counseling" (My very first LARP!)
8-12 AM Ten Candles; "The Dying of the Light" (Played Ten Candles at Acadecon last year and loved it, looking forward to playing again!)
9-1 PM Hollow Earth Expedition; "The Mountain of Frozen Doom" (I'm pulling my patented "Stay up too late one night and then GM first thing the next day! First session of HEX for the con)
8-12 AM Misspent Youth; "Rage & Resentment: Jane Austen's Misspent Youth" (The description of this includes "patriarchal dystopia of 18th century Britain." If I weren't already backing the Misspent Youth Kickstarter, I would have done it for that pitch alone)
2-6 PM Hollow Earth Expedition; "The Mountain of Frozen Doom" (Second verse, same as the first!)
8-12 AM Zombie World; "The Farmhouse" (Mostly playing this to have another game with +William Coffing, but I love trying new zombie games anyway!)

Sunday is being left open to see what happens at the con. There's a possibility of doing a Fandible-viewing of Spider-Man Homecoming, because why the hell not, but we'll see how schedules look by then!

Can't wait for Wednesday!

Saw DexCon registration is supposed to begin at 12 PM tomorrow. This is your reminder that I'm running Hollow Earth Expedition twice next weekend! I believe on Friday and Saturday morning. Here's the pitch!

It’s 1936, and the Foundation for Research and Enlightenment is on a mission to map all four corners of the world, finding proof to ultimately confirm – or deny – the great superstitions that keep humanity on edge. You are a member of an intrepid team of adventurers that has been sent by the Foundation to the deepest regions of Tibet, to a mountain the locals refer to only as “Doom” and filled with legends of monsters and impossible tropical locales in the middle of frozen wasteland. Your mission: prove humanity has nothing to fear in the shadow of…The Mountain of Frozen Doom.
• 18 and older only Fun

w00t! Extra day at DexCon arranged!

My office is closed 7/3 and 7/4. And I took 7/6 and 7/7 off for DexCon. Today my boss said that unless I had something pressing to do, I should just take 7/5 off as well.

Just got off the phone with Hyatt to change our arrival day to Wednesday. Billy is in charge of changing the dog boarding situation.


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I'm excited to give this a try! Will you join us on Podchaser?
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There are plenty of things to pick out as weak points in Wonder Woman. But at 1:30 AM I don't care about most of them. A damn good movie. ❤
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