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Sometime ago I picked up some of those Robotech Tactics figs so I could have some old school Archers and Longbows, but I was thinking about keeping both the Robotech base and get some hex based so I could use them with either game (even though those are the only models I have for the Robotech game, and no rules, just as an in case sort of thing). Does anyone have any particular recommendations on how to do this? I was thinking about a thin sheet of magnet that I could cut, but that still leaves me with questions about how to do it well.

Anyone interested in a Battletech Solaris VII league? I'm recruiting some players for the first season, mostly to test stuff out before adding the more complex rules like economics.

I feel like I have seen some folks playing Battletech and posting about it here so I was wondering, how does that work out? Is there an easy way to create record sheets? Torso twisting? Any other advice? I am feeling a strong desire to set up a game or two with some friends, but haven't tried to before. Likely starting out simple: Lance vs lance 'Mechs only, sort of thing. 

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There are still slots open for my Dark Conspiracy play test game! Session-0 scheduled for tomorrow at 12:00 EDT, with the first regular session two or three Sundays away.

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I'm seeking new players for a Dark Conspiracy 3rd Edition (aka Conspiracy Rules) campaign that I will be running a session-0 for this coming Sunday at 12:00 PM EDT. Why you should be interested: in addition to the coolness of fighting monsters (see the link for more details on the game) I am working on a project for the producers and need additional play-testing to complete the project. Players who assist with this and provide solid feedback may see their names in print as play-testers assuming the project is finally completed and published!

Check out the LFG link below for additional details. A copy of the current rules in NOT required as the company producing the game has given me permission to provide specific chapters of the current rules to my players.

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Just a bit of fun.

How To Make A Hit Pop Song, Pt. 1:

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Here you go runners!
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