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Remembering of nothing
S ome years  I posted a poem on a well known bulletin board for an internet news magazine which provoked an unexpected response. I wrote concerning a blurry childhood memory of my Mom sobbing over a stove, the conceit being that I'd first give hints that th...

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Thank you for sharing, now go back to sleep
So the question that was asked of me recently , yesterday in fact, was whether I considered myself to be on my next leg of life's journey, or the last leg of the trudge. What brought on the question was  t wo significant milestones came and went by earlier ...

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a program note on a music I dislike
I despise smooth jazz, which is not to say that I dislike jazz  performed with smoothly demonstrated technique. Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John  Coltrane, Freddie Hubbard,  et al are "smooth" in the utmost execution of their respectively impressive techni...

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some words for Charles Simic's poetrt
BOREDOM I’m the child of your rainy Sundays. I watched time crawl Over the ceiling Like a wounded fly. A day would last forever, Making pellets of bread, Waiting for a branch On a bare tree to move. The silence would deepen, The sky would darken, As gran...

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3 new poems
1.O’HARA It’s a drink of which I dream with you on our avenue of holiday lights, a crisp breeze crosses my lips like the kiss tighter than a rhythm section that sealed our deal and Trane on the rails, keeping Bird in flight
you said with furniture and “Eve...

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Bell, Satterfield and all shades of blue (S)
blues (S) --Lori Bell , Ron Satterfield Lori Bell and Ron Satterfield
have spent the last few years wowing and beguiling audiences at large with
their vibrant combination of straight ahead, pop and boss nova inflected jazz .  Blue(S ) , their new album, is ...

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Does "Okay Computer" give good Radiohead?
Ok Computer- Radiohead After many years of 
young fans and assorted bright acolytes telling me that I must have a
listen to Radiohead's "Okay Computer" to experience one of the most
important rock (or post-rock) albums ever committed to the ways of digital

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a short note after watching "The Matrix" again, years later
An important sci fi action movie, yes, as with the original viewing back in 1999, it is without heart or soul.What it does have is spectacle and momentum--the special effects, ground breaking back then, remain impressive, and the pure action scenes are sure...

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The Mummy is a very bad movie
A minor secret, not dirty at all, is that I've enjoyed Tom Cruise's late career situation as a wind-up action hero making flashy, well crafted smash and dash melodramas for the popcorn and blow job crowd. His participation in onerous spiritual platforms asi...

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stray notes: Mumbling small talk at the wall
Charles B ukowski is some whom very little of his work goes
a very long way. I admire the absence of all unneeded images, and do place
somewhere in the Hemingway league as a writer who can be spare without being
chintzy. That said, his minimalism gets monot...
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