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Create your own social media graphics!
Create your own social media graphics!

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Wondering why content marketing is important now?

Are you hearing “content marketing” everywhere and wondering what the fuss is about?

Content marketing means publishing:

• e-books
• videos
• articles
• images
and any other type of content online to market a business or product.

There are a couple of problems, though.

Much of the content marketing advice you’ll read online comes from digital marketing agencies. It’s overwhelming for a small business that doesn’t have a marketing team.

How on earth are you supposed to pump out all those videos and e-books when you have products to sell, services to fulfill, and customers to keep happy?

Here's your primer! Get five FREE lessons and a cool infographic...

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Want to save money on marketing?

This infographic will show you how to target your efforts with behavior analysis!

Check it out and save to Pinterest.

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Want to create content that your audience will love?

This might be easier than you think: Ask them what they want!

Two of the best tools to help you come up with custom content ideas are:

• Surveys
• Suggestion forms

Read the blog to learn how to get this vital info!

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Happy St Patrick's Day!

Have a fun day ☘️ ☘️ ☘️ 

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Get more visibility, followers, and traffic with Rich Pins!

Just updated! Rich Pins really pop your presence on Pinterest.

These are pins that include extra information right on the pin. Article Rich Pins include a bold headline, in addition to the story description, in the stream.

And when someone clicks the Rich Pin – not just the bold headline, but a little push to follow the “Rich Pinner!”

If you blog on WordPress, follow these easy instructions to add them FAST!

#pinteresttips #websitetraffic #bloggingtips #smm #pinterestforbusiness

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Looking for evergreen content ideas?

In the world of content marketing, evergreen content is your BFF.

Write it once, share it for months (often years) to come.

That’s because evergreen content has no expiration date. It’s not breaking news – instead, it fits the hallmarks of compelling content we talked about last time.

But how to come up with this valuable, long-lived content?

Read this post!

#contentmarketing #marketingtips #smb

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Do You Know Your Social Media Facts?

Learn 115 on a beautiful infographic that includes:

A brief history of social media platforms
Social media platforms’ registered users
Global social media penetration rate
Growth of social media on mobile
Percentage of users who log in daily
Gender breakdown by platform
Teen social media use
Percent of adults using social media platforms
How social media users get their news
Social media addiction
How social media influences purchasing
U.S. social media marketing spending predictions
Which social media provides the best ROI
How social media helps with recruiting
What’s new in social media every minute / second
Best time to post on social media
Most popular brands and celebrities on social media

And much more!

#socialmediastats #smm #socialmediatips #infographic

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Wondering the secrets to the best content marketing?

And the secret to building a vibrant community?

It’s compelling content!

Learn the 3 secrets to creating compelling content in this blog post.

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How to Increase Social Media Referral Traffic up to 850%

Want more social media referral traffic? Learn what you can do to dramatically increase referral traffic from your social media platforms in this deep dive.

#SMM #webtraffic #SMB #biztips

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How to Get More Pinterest Followers & Traffic!

Looking for Pinterest growth?

Smart move. Pinterest is a long-term source of quality website traffic.

Unlike other social media posts, Pinterest pins can reappear in the Pinterest feed for months – even over a year. I’m still getting floods of traffic to a blog post that was first pinned in January 2016.

Learn how to take advantage of this awesome traffic source by using Tailwind.

#pinteresttips #smm #websitetraffic #smb #marketingtips
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