Zen Habit's new zh2 Wordpress theme - now available
By reader request, I've now made my Zen Habits Wordpress theme -- which I'm calling zh2 -- available free and uncopyrighted for download:


The theme is completely redesigned, faster, cleaner, better fonts, and responsive for mobile devices. And again, it's free and uncopyrighted. Do what you will with it.

Here's what the theme offers:

1. One of the simplest designs possible. Just the content. No sidebar navigation, no navigation in the header, no comments, no popups.
2. A responsive design for mobile devices. I've written the code to look good on most mobile devices, including tablets and phones. It's very possible it doesn't look perfect on some devices I haven't tested. Let me know if that's the case -- I don't promise support for this theme, but I would love for it to look good everywhere.
3. Clean and fast code. I've rewritten the html/css to be cleaner, and standards compliant. It's fast to load too.
4. Better fonts. I really like the new reading and title fonts.
5. A fading header and author credit. You can see it in action on zenhabits, but I've turned the fade off by default in this theme. Just remove the comment markers (slash and asterisk) from the css for the .top section and the appropriate parts of the h6 and h6 hover tags, and you'll get the fade-out and fade-in like on my site.

I wouldn't say it's super easy to install this theme, so if you've never worked with html, css or wordpress themes, you might want to stay away. But I have included install notes, which aren't difficult if you have a little technical background.

Let me know in the comments below if you have problems/questions -- I don't promise support or an answer, but it's good to know if there are problems. Thanks everyone!
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