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Geek, Data Analyst, Techie.

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SCOTUS is trying to rule on whether or not it's legal for police to search your phone upon arrest, without a warrant. If they rule in favor of the police we need a phone lock app that has two passwords. One for normal every day use and an emergency wipe password. Police ask for the password give them the one that wipes the phone. I'm no criminal but no way do I want the police to have full unfettered access to my data. 

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We don't live far from a Planned Parenthood, so I often see people picketing outside their office. I don't have a problem with people being against abortion. I'm not a fan of it myself, but I'll be dammed if I'm going to presume to know what it right and wrong for others.

But I still get frustrated every time I see them picketing. What is the point? What are they solving? They'd do much more to support sex education. (no it doesn't promote kids having sex) Or helping support adoption services or supporting charities that help single parents. Or any number of other things that would HELP the mother and child.

So many of these anti-abortion folks focus only on the fetus and ignore the before and after. Once the child is born they don't care any more. OK perhaps that's a bit of a harsh generalization.  

Never the less I see this picketing as battling the wrong enemy.  Unwanted pregnancy happens from a number of issues. Attack those issues. Educate people about those issues. Get them out into the public discussion and abortion will be reduced.

While on the subject, some religious groups really need to get over the anti-contraceptives mentality. People are going to have sex for pleasure, not just procreation. Get over it. Educate your children about sex and how to prevent pregnancy, all the methods and face the realities of live. There may be many kids who understand and accept abstinence, but many more will not. Teens are not monks and nuns. They will be curious. They will rebel against the rules. And when they don't know any better they'll get pregnant.  Ignorance may be bliss, but when it creates an unwanted or unexpected baby, suddenly the world is turned over.

While I am all for people taking responsibility for their actions, anti-abortion advocates put young, vulerable children, into the hands of those who perhaps shouldn't have ever had children. 

I see stories on the news all the time about parents, especially the young and poor ones, beating, sometimes to death, these children. If they live past infancy they are often subjected to other mental and physical abuse. If they are 'lucky' they may be put into the foster system, but even that is a hard road for most to go down.  In the end this 'saved' child is living a hard unfortunate life that may result in the creation of yet another unwanted child.

Like it or not, we don't live in a world were every woman needs to have a child for the survival of the human race. Sex education and contraception is the easiest and most humane way to reduce abortions and the creation of more broken lives.  It's not happening at home, clearly and religion needs to get out of the way for the betterment of all humanity.

Thoughts on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I'm really not sure if I liked this movie more, less, or the same as the first Hobbit movie.  

I think I'm still upset that they took a simple story and tried to make it epic.  But I won't gripe about the story expansion. I think it's been handled fairly well.

My gripe is actually with Peter Jackson's directorial choices.  I can still watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy and feel enveloped by the world. It feels epic and real.  

These two times with the Hobbit, the world doesn't feel real at all. The world doesn't feel lived in, it feels like a set. Time after time I was taken out of the movie because it felt like it went from video game cut scene to movie set. Like the original Wizard of Oz movie set. Pretty, but clearly a set.

LotR had some amazing scenes in landscapes and mountain ranges that were real and sweeping. The action took place in those landscapes.

I don't doubt the HFR impacted this some. We watched the first Hobbit movie in HFR and really didn't care for it. The second movie we watched in standard 2D. I think it helped, but it was still a bit 'off'.

I wasn't excited about seeing the movie to start with and now having seen it, I'm still not excited about it. I'll watch the 3rd to just finish the story off. Perhaps the giant battle at the end will be something as fun as the battle in Return of the King, but we'll see. I'm not holding my breath.

This situation with Edward Snowden has become incredibly frustrating to me. Not that he leaked 'secrets' or that he's on the run, but all the propaganda and hyperbole surrounding him.

Charging him with espionage, 'reporting' that he went to Booz Allen specifically to steal files, suggesting that the terrorists have already changed their communication methods and that AMERICANS ARE GOING TO DIE!!

Ugh! It makes me sick. The US gov doesn't even know what files he has! And all the info that has been 'leaked' was already known or largely assumed long before. It just had not hit the general populous. So if the terrorists are so sophisticated, they already knew this info too.

The bottom line is that Snowden EMBARRASSED the US Gov and they are pissed about that. That's why Hong Kong and Russia are saying No to extradition requests, and probably laughing the whole time they do it. They know the charges are trumped up. They know it puts the US in an awkward position. It's caught with it's pants down and instead of the star-spangled boxers everyone wished was there, we get to see it's leather thong.

These 'secrets' will not make the US less safe. With all the fear mongering around this story I'm beginning to wonder who the real terrorists are.

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