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Today, we introduce the Master Series as a new category in culinary learning. Chefs +Jake Croston and +Chef Dennis Littley have created the first series on Italian Cooking as they lead you on a tour of Italy, covering cuisine from Rome, Florence, Venice & Sicily.

Ten Classes. One Subject. Be an Expert

We created the Master Series so you could become adept in one area of culinary knowledge. For $349, you get all ten classes in the series and after completing eight of them, we'll send you a ChefHangout Chef Jacket!

Press Release

About the Master Series

#masterseries   #innovation   #startup   #chefhangout   #culinaryarts  

In GMO news...

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Amazing art by an amazing person

"I Was Meant To Be Remembered"

Im not quite finished with this one just yet, but Ive been working on it for the last 4 hours and tis time to get some rest. Tomorrow Ill Finish her proper. Going to be available for purchase soon along with several other new pieces.

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Take a look at this lovely lady! Her name is +Alex Thomopoulos & I LOVE her style. Watch the video and pass it on :) +Jason Joseph always finds the coolest foodies

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Raise your hand if you like awesome things for free....ok now put your hand down and download this book! 
The Art and Science of Google+ Kindle version!

Get it free for the next 36 hours!

Why am I doing this?

For the next 36 hours you can get the kindle version for FREE on Amazon as I wanted to say thank you to everyone in the Google Plus community. You have made the last 6 months incredible and many of you have a mention!
Thank you all.
Having launched a preliminary version in June I've spent all my time adding in loads more content, re-structuring, editing and re-designing!
I am delighted with the result :D

Who is it for?

It is a complete guide to Google+ so if you are a newbie or with less than 2000 followers, this is one great way to get started - there are step by step instructions and suggestions along the way.
If you are into business or are a marketeer, then I will show you a load of ways to build up niche circles, create clubs, pages, and more... 
And if you are interested in enriching your own life as well as others, then the section on the psychology of Google+ will certainly be of interest!
There is something for everyone.

Get yours now!

So, choose a country and download it for free...





Once you have downloaded a copy and it would be awesome if you'd write an Amazon review as well. I'd love to hear what you think.

What else?

You don't need to own a Kindle to read a Kindle book!
Get any of the FREE Kindle reading apps here -

(Printed version also available on Amazon)

I really hope you enjoy it and I look forward to engaging with you all for years to come!

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What's in your lunch today? Every meal is a chance to charge your body with premium fuel. Not a fan of leafy greens? Treat yourself and add a fruit to your salads. Plums, apples, grapes, and citrus will turn your lettuce frown upside-down.

Also, skip the dressing aisle and pick up a few tasty vinegars. Your body (and veggies) will thank you.

Don't be afraid to experiment, or if you have a question, don't be afraid to ask me!

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Inspired by Bolsa, one of my favorite spots in Dallas, I whipped these up for dinner :)

1 base (we used roti chapati, but you can use tortillas, pizza crust, sourdough, anything!)
Basil pesto
Red grapes
Roasted garlic
Goat cheese


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A cinnamon swirl on my morning porridge.
Do you chia? 1/4 cup of chia seed gives you:

12 g protein
20 g dietary fiber
12 grams of polyunsaturated fat (Omega-3!!! It's good for ya)
a FULL bowl of porridge when you add a cup of your favorite milk (I LOVE hazelnut milk)

Did I mention they are gluten free and help ward off those mid-morning munchies?

In the US, you can find them from $7-9/lb, which means that I just had a stellar breakfast for less than $2. I'd +1 that any day of the week :)

Massive thank you to +Larry Fournillier and +Jason Joseph for keepin an eye out and inspiring me to jump back in and get chefing like there's no tomorrow :)

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Check out these AMAzing dishes from Wild Food Cafe in Covent Garden - London. What a delight! Summer Peach and Rocket Salad, Mezze Platter, and Raw Pizza. We topped it off with a superfood smoothie, but that was gone before I could snap a picture :)
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