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shahzad nazir
Whatever you achieve in life echoes throughout eternity
Whatever you achieve in life echoes throughout eternity

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Shyla have you seen haute tension, martyrs, frontiers and inside, great French horror
I recently watched Marina de Van's Dans Ma Peau (2002). It was curiously grotesque (I even know of someone fainting while watching it), but since the New French Extremity is not generally my thing, I'm unsure how I feel about it. It is pretty loaded with subtext though, and I admit it's  interesting from the perspective of character development, which is not something that is always present within the horror genre.

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visually striking and gore a plenty and with stylish effects, but not as powerful as the original,still a great watch

Great that Sturridge is out of the England game, hopefully get him ready for Swansea

Its not all about money but the club NEEDS to show ambition and intent, which they are not, yes intent to get 6th but not 4th, this is where the Rogers factor comes on, i like the bloke a lot but rebuilding with a well known name like Hiddink or AVB would have helped attract players.

Biggest money TV deal ever, need to get top Four, rivals spending big and we have a net spend less than zero..... DISCUSS!!!!!!

I think foreign horror is more adventurous,bold and has more tension than copywood. Films such as Haute tension,Martyrs,Inside,Rec etc have been in my eyes ground breaking, from the usual monotonous American teen slasher bores.Having said that I can't wait for Evil dead  

Hope you get google+ moving Koptalk

If after what Pakistan has gone through they don't elect this man then we don't deserve justice and a better way of life
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