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Wish I had more visually diagrammed!
First new episode of Design Sessions for season two is now out! The new game being prototyped by +Devin Becker is pretty sweet :-)

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+Joseph Burchett​ you might find this interesting

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Good talk!
On Sunday +Devin Becker and +Joseph Burchett  recorded another episode of Exploring Design with special guest +Miles Deponty ! He was in one of our first season episodes all about designing a level. In this episode we talk all about designing a good boss battle.

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Gonna be exciting!
Been a while since did an update. In this one +Joseph Burchett and +Devin Becker talk about what they want to for the second season of the show!

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This check-in form is mandatory for all Intel RealSense Incubator participants. It's due by this friday. Thanks.

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Would be awesome if everyone could kick down $5 to help fund this awesome podcast on game design/development. Check out all of season 1 and I'm sure you'll see its worth it!
Trying to do a season two for my podcast about game dev! What better way then to do a kickstarter :D Would love all you happy peoples support! Assuming you like game dev >_>

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Here's the list of the 9 teams/projects selected for the program. If you were not selected, you are still welcome to participate, the only difference being you won't have hardware provided for you. You can purchase the camera here:

I encourage everyone not selected to look over the projects and see if there's a team you would like to join and say so on here so you can contact each other.

I'm sure some of you noticed a lack of Check-in form #3. We are making some adjustments to it and will check-in with you all this week. Thanks for your patience as we work out the kinks in this incubator program!

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Some photos from when we gave out the kits!
Round 2 kickoff
28 Photos - View album

My presentation on Cloud APIs for anyone who needs the link for code and whatnot.
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