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Paul Lamarre: A Tribute
If it hadn't been for Paul
Lamarre, I may have never joined the DFW Writers' Workshop. The first time I
visited in 2007, I was nervous. The Workshop seemed so large and everyone
already knew each other. No one spoke to me and I was too shy to initiate a

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I See Dead People in Jefferson, Texas (Or At Least Their Furniture)
Let's begin with two clarifications to help people understand this post: February 14 is Valentine's Day. However, having no significant other, I had not reserved a room at the Jefferson Hotel with romantic intentions in mind. I reserved it because: It was t...

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Science Fiction: The Cat's Meow
I am not a cat person, yet two cats reside in my house. One of them because when my youngest son came to live with me, he wanted a cat and it seemed like a good idea at the time. The other, because I made a promise to my sister and I keep my promises. Despi...

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Sit & Give Me 2500 Words, You S.O.B.
Yesterday, as the weather in Texas reached the lower 70's after too many days in the high 20's, I went outside to exercise. As I slogged up hills, down winding paths, and across miles of sidewalks I had an epiphany.   Writing and exercise have a lot in comm...

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"What Type of Romance do You Write?"
Today, I tired a new
experience and attended a one-day writers' workshop sponsored by the Dallas
Area Romance Authors  (DARA).
There were approximately 75 women in the room - and me. As the only man
present, I started to blog that I 'stepped outside of my c...

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2014 Writers' Conferences Around Texas
My annual list of writers' conferences and other writerly events in and around Texas for 2014. These are provided as a public service only. I am not promoting any of these events. Feb 21 - 23                           ConDFW April 11 - 13                   ...

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WARNING! Fan Boy Gushing Ahead
In my thank-goodness-this-year-is-finally-over post , I mentioned that I read less fiction in 2013, but that didn't stop me from buying new novels. Hi, my name is Kyle and I have an addiction to books.*   I didn't realize how large the monkey on my back was...

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The Thorny Lives of Debut Authors
I aspire to be traditionally published. That is not meant as a slight toward writers who self-publish. All of us have to walk our own path and I've decided mine leads toward the more traditional route of write a book/get an agent/get a book deal.   As such,...

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Year-End List (Yeah, It's a Little Early)
For my 2012 summary I presented a list of the best novels I had read that year (I also included my youngest son's choices). For 2013, I'm not going to do that. Why? Queue the ominous music. I read very little fiction in 2013*, but I have a good reason: I sp...

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Proof that Fact IS Stranger than Fiction
A friend of mine, S. Boyd Taylor (Sam), just signed with mega SF&F literary agent Jennifer Jackson. Knowing a bit of Sam's journey, I'm elated for him. What happened next in the story proves that fate has more plot twists up her sleeve than any author on th...
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