Technology: Linux packaging systems - DEB or RPM?

The '.deb versus .rpm' debates never seem to stop.

Yet I think they are all missing the big picture:

I think Linux on the desktop is fundamentally constrained by a big force: only a Google Market (maybe Apple App Store) alike technological packaging model will work with users: where the packages are extremely encapsulated and can be installed in a reasonably secure manner and third parties can offer new packages independently and can update packages with very low latency and relatively independently to the 'distribution maker' as well.

DRM and central control are not needed (sorry Apple) - but extreme encapsulation (and by implication, security), the ability to update in a low latency manner independent of the distribution, is very much needed - and it is not offered by the major Linux packaging models.

All other packaging models of Linux will go extinct. If we don't adopt then Linux on the desktop will become even more marginal and will go extinct. Simple as that.

So neither deb nor rpm will survive this really IMO, for anything that matters to the vast majority of users.
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