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This is what World Vision is all about! Pleased to announce that I've joined the corporate social media team there and will be sharing a lot of our cool content from this stream.
9-year-old Badal is a World Vision sponsored child in India. He is also a special needs student. See how attending the World Vision center has helped him find a place where he is loved, accepted, and can be himself, and how he is thriving in that environment!

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Larry Short commented on a post on Blogger.
Thank you, Ana, this was exactly what I needed to know.

I manage three Twitter accounts ... one for my church (a small one), one for my team at work (a large one for my job at a large nonprofit), and my personal one (medium-sized).

Did they warn you before they shut you down? Recently I opened up my personal account to discover they had shut it down, at least there was a warning message across the top requiring me to agree to their "rules" before they would lift the ban. I read the rules, and felt I was already in agreement with them, so I clicked the button and they (slowly, it took about two days) restored my personal account.

I was confused as to why they had done this, so I tweeted at Twitter support. And received no response.

The main effect of all this was to make me nervous about using my personal account. I do manually follow a lot of people, then use JustUnfollow (usually a few weeks later) to unfollow those who don't follow me back. So I backed off on this a bit, but you can't really back off too much or as you know your numbers will get all out of whack. (I follow 8,800+ and am followed by 9,100+.) But I only follow like-minded Tweeters and don't do any commercial usage.

I don't cross-post. What I do do (and never thought about it until I read your column) is retweet between the accounts. I RT on my personal account many of the tweets on my professional account (just because they're interesting and instructive), and on rare occasions I RT something on my professional account that I've posted on my personal account.

So, now I'm wondering if that's the reason they might have warned me. (It would sure be nice if they would tell you!)

It would be a medium-sized disaster if they shut down my personal account, and a huge disaster if they shut down my work account. So I guess I'll stop the retweeting. It really is a shame though.

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We'll be praying for guidance and discussing sponsorship status and policy.

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This is the first meeting of the stateside support team for the Ttamu Children's Ministry in Mityana, Uganda.
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