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Alright, I can share some pics of the next model in the series. Same as the others; concept by Derrek Stenning , and produced at Industria Mechanika  (later this year) Same as the last model it is going to be built at 1/8 scale and have a base that interloc...

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Just got back from NY comic-con 2014 demoing our new game  Contest of Champions  and I even did a little live interview talking a bit about the process for  Marvel Contest of Champions Creators TJ Mclain and Gene Campbell on Marvel LIVE!

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EK Series fig.03
Just announced! A new 3 part series that I modeled the masters for, based off the work of Derek Stenning . This is the first model(but last in the set) to be announced. This figure just went on pre-sale at Industria Mechanika . It will have a base that will...
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