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That's what's up

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Happy valentines masacre memorial weekend yall. 💔💔💔

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Holy tut impressed

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Wow...seldom impressed turned into a good way 😉thanks for the inspirational share
Wide-format print can transform a whole cinema into an advertising campaign by printing special seats.
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As an asthmatic that works from home to insure my liking health outta maintained, i wholeheartedly support this post. You don't realize how important out is until you can't breathe...

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Awesome. Thanks for the share
Open Mic Pitch at TiECON Southwest sponsored by Microsoft. Ten amazing entrepreneurs. Ten 60-second pitches. Who will win? Excited? Attend the defining conference for entrepreneurs in So Cal. Meet and Connect with 500+ angels, VCs, executives, founders and leaders. 
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Here are some great tips on shooting video
The Seven Deadly Camcorder Sins
Headhunting--placing every subject in the center of your frame.
Motorzooming--overuse of on-screen zooms.
Rooting--staying in one spot instead of looking for interesting angles.
Firehosing--panning all over the scene.
Upstanding--shooting everything from standing eye-level.
Snapshooting--taping only two or three seconds per shot.
Backlighting--too much light falling on the background instead of on the subject.  Visit us at

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No b.s., no fluff. I promise...if you're really committed to successful networking and growing your business take a few minutes and check it out...and no I'm not a "payroll preacher" I've actually signed up personally. Don't just believe, investigate😉 humpday wisdom
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I reiterate. Empowerment is where it's at...Great post
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