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I did a little astrophotography at McCormick Observatory the other night. That's a 26" clark refractor, BTW.

For you die-hard Astronomy Cast fans, +365 Days of Astronomy has Astronomy Cast Episode 432: "Geologic Ages of Mars - From Wet & Wild to Desolate Desert" uploaded already.
You can hear it here first.
Well, second, after the YouTube archive of the live show, that is...

If I recall correctly, this Friday's WSH is the last for a couple months. Now I suggested this last year and I'll suggest it again. We should do a companion hangout on some day of the week to go over the week's space news. +Nancy Graziano? Are you interested? +Guido Bibra? How about it? We could do a couple news stories each, or if enough of us join in the fun we'd only have to talk about a single news item each. We have a built-in audience of, what, 20? 25? ;^)

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This is sooooo true! And headline writers & press officers are a big part of the problem!
Science Communication

20 minute video from John Oliver on the pitfalls of science communication, presented with his great wit and humour in a way the great unwashed masses can understand.  And his suggestion for TODD Talks -  TED Talks dumbed down for the latter.  H/T to the "Enclothed Cognition" reference at the end.

#SGU  #Science  

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Please join us as we dance madly on the lip of the volcano!
John Oliver explains the San Bernardino iPhone case so you can finally understand it

I needed a good laugh this morning, and John Oliver has delivered it.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight host, John Oliver, took on the important but often obtuse fight between Apple and the government over access to an encrypted iPhone in the San Bernardino shooter investigation.

On a serious note, it’s tough to strike a fair balance between our privacy and government’s ability to investigate crimes.

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And this one too. It is even better at describing the awesomeness of the discovery.

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I dunno if any of you fine WSHers posted this, but it helps show what happened at LIGO last week.

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What could be cooler? Mot freaking much...

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They effing did it!

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