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This is so cute!  Great idea; thank you for sharing.

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Great post.
We all love clothing, let alone turning something old to wonderful new... This article I post on the blog is going beyond. And everyone of us need to consider these alternatives for the sake of our nature.
Please, don't be shy to comment with any of your thoughts about this! It's important!
Take care,

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The last 13 months have been very trying for me.  A position change at my full time work along with multiple family issues from aging parent to teenage drama.  

Praying for some much needed peace.

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My Dollar Store Favorites
I thought I would just share a few of my dollar store favorites.  Dollar stores have a lot of items that are unworthy of my hard earned money; yet there are some items that I purchase occasionally; and some I purchase quite regularly.   Example:  An occasio...

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I confess!   As an
anniversary gift of choice for working with my company for 15 years; I picked and received a
Kindle. There wasn’t really anything else that interested me. When the Kindle
came out (as well as other ebook readers), I was not very excited a...

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Mortgage Crisis Prediction for Discussion
I read this article on the mortgage crisis prediction. What can this mean to people who are considering real estate investing (REI)?  Does this mean property values may begin to d...

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The Gift of Gab
Well good morning All, I can't believe its been almost two (2) years since I posted on this blog.  I was posting on my other blog; but lost interest in that as well.  I no longer have an online retail business; but I still love to find a good bargain.  Whil...

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Matching crocheted hat and scarf.
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