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I now have a true mononym on G+. Thank you +Yonatan Zunger for the fix, and to +Sai for pointing me in his direction~

Since there are other people on my list who've also had problems with getting G+ to approve their name, for those of you with a mononym... Here's a reply to a post by +Sai by +Yonatan Zunger (Chief Architect, Google+).

"To switch to a mononym, go to the profile editor and change your name, set your last name to a single dot. Right now that's going to force you to appeal and provide evidence. (Which is a known issue, we want to fix that, but it isn't fixed yet) If the appeal goes through, bang, it's a mononym.

People who got mononyms through appeals very early in the product may still be seeing "." after their name. If you encounter any such people, tell them to message me directly, I'll take care of it."

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+Violet Blue: Sing it, sister.

+Devika . seems to be back now (after some kind of special dispensation), but Fizz hasn't gotten even an update since — perhaps asking for a supervisor gets you the tarpit, in the crazy land of Google Customer Support?

Regardless, I think it's objectionable and insulting on its face to be told that I have to show my papers for having an unusual name, when the countless anonymous John Smiths do not — let alone to be told that they've seen your ID and your name is unacceptable. I'm still waiting for a public apology.

This is the thing I don't get. Individual Googlers I've spoken with about this have apologized to me, have told me how dismayed they are by #nymwars too, how it has eroded their belief in whether Google still believes in "don't be evil" as a company.

In many other ways (e.g. SOPA, Takeout), Google is fighting the good fight. Is Google's senior management really blind to this hypocrisy, simply because G+ is currently doing well? So eager to dive into the social space, that they're willing to let +Vic Gundotra pointlessly squander the goodwill that took a decade to build, and undermine the efforts of people like +Brian Fitzpatrick? I can understand seeing social as an existential threat, but why pay this kind of moral cost that's not even needed?

Yeah, yeah, Vic and +Bradley Horowitz said they'll do something at some point maybe. I'm finding that empty promise increasingly hard to believe, seeing as it directly contradicts their continuing actions.

Come on, guys. Don't be evil, remember?

h/t +Eva Galperin

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When G+ rolled out they said that facial recognition software was too creepy to include in G+. What happened to change your minds? This is nothing more than yet another invasion of privacy.
Making photo tagging easier with Find My Face


Hi, I’m +Matt Steiner, Engineering Lead on the Google+ Photos team.

Around the holidays, many of us get together with friends and family, and if you’re like me, you take lots of photos! Tagging those photos can be a lot of work. So today we’re launching Find My Face, an easier way to tag photos of yourself and your friends.

By turning on Find My Face, Google+ can prompt people you know to tag your face when it appears in photos. Of course, you have control over which tags you accept or reject, and you can turn the feature on or off in Google+ settings. (

Find My Face will be rolling out over the next few days. We hope this makes tagging your photos much easier, so try it out! And as always, keep the feedback coming.
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Sorry. had to be done... ;p
"Move along, VANDALS!"

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Although apparently she's no longer on Facebook under that name...

After all that nonsense, +Rainyday Superstar is finally back on Google+.

Follow her.

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Scary stuff. I verified via Reason Magazine and the ACLU
Be aware, United States Senate, if you vote this Bill into Law, I will see that as a direct declaration of war against American Citizens. I will fight you and others like me, we will fight you. Are you REALLY sure you want it to go down like this? Because your supposed authority doesn't stretch very far anymore, and more and more people are seeing you fucking serpents for the scum you truly are. Your armies are on the verge of mutiny. And you have lost the regard of the People. You ain't shit anymore, but a bunch of loud voices with nothing to back them but thin air. You think we care about your legislation? You think we'll obey your laws when your laws are tyrannical and obscene? No, Senators. I will not and I am goddamned well certain there are others like me who also will not. You can't frighten us.
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