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Online Marketing in Galway
Online Marketing in Galway

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Bringing the Digital Marketing Institute Course to Galway - Sign up for your Interest (Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing) FETAC & SQA Approved Centre

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Hi Everyone,


Register via Eventbrite

Once again we are delighted to say that the event is sponsored by and supported by the Harbour Hotel, Galway.

Guest speakers on the night will be as follows; (20 25 for Main Speaker i.e. Ann Halloran).  

Ann Halloran (In-Tuition)

- Maricka Burke Keogh and Emma Connor ( OMiG Survey results)

- Senan Kelly and Mark McGann (Freelance Design + Block 5 Design)

- Website feedback (Q & As for all Guest Speakers)

Online Marketing will be starting of the new season after a lot of background work by volunteers over the summer. This will involve;  

-  A brief overview about what is to come in months head;
- '5 Steps To Successful Online Business Building' by Ann Halloran.
- Next up we will be giving a summary of the results from the OMiG survey that over 120 respondents filled out with regards to the future of Online Marketing in Galway;
- To finish off the nights presentations we will be giving everyone a quick preview of the new site from Senan and Mark;
- Finalising the night with O&As and we will be looking forward to hearing about what resources will be most useful to you on the new site;
- Please note representatives from will be there throughout the night to answer any questions you have on their services.

Each speaker will offer a different insight and perspective into Online Marketing; from starting a business online to website design and optimisation.

We will end the night with the next steps for Online Marketing in Galway - these will be outlined closer to the night and based on feedback from everyone involved.

Look forward to a great night, please remember TO BOOK YOUR SEAT TICKETS WILL NEED TO BE BOOKED THROUGH EVENTBRITE link -

Online Marketing in Galway.

Event Night sponsored by

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Direct link to registration for +Online Marketing in Galway  October event, please remember fill out all mandatory sections marked with a * to complete the registration successfully.

Full details listed in link below and remember this event is free of charge, sponsored by the and supported by the Harbour Hotel, Galway.

Thank you.


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