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If you receive a lot of SPAM through your websites enquiry form then you may be looking for a solution. Many people choose to add a CAPTCHA which is reliable but its worth reading this article first before you make your mind up

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So Google's new Algorithm codenamed HUMMINGBIRD has been live approx 3 - 4 weeks and surprisingly there is a lot less chatter about it than i would have thought.

So what is Hummingbird and how does it differ from other algorithm updates?

In a nutshell the Panda and the Penguin updates were put into place to help clean up the SERPS (search engine results pages) and remove as much of the useless and spamming websites who have used bad SEO techniques to get a good ranking. These sites were poor quality and offered very little user experience. 
This update did have its ups and downs and many webmaster had been negatively hit by this update even though they hadn't necessarily used bad SEO techniques. All was not lost though as it meant they had to focus on changing the websites to improve user experience and improve on mobile compatibility and page speed.

Panda was the main update and Penguin was a improvement on it.

So now we have Hummingbird. And no, this isn't another update to Panda. Its a whole new algorithm. Its focus is on Semantic Search. What is that i hear you say...... Semantic search seeks to improve search accuracy by understanding searcher intent and the contextual meaning of terms - click the attached link for more info about Semantic Search.

When you use semantic search, Google will dive into the relationship between those words, how they work together, and attempt to understand what those words mean. Google will understand that “their” and “they’re” has two different meanings and when “New” and “York” are placed together, it changes the meaning.

It means that keywords in your website are no longer guaranteed to help your rankings. You need to help Google understand the content behind the search terms which ultimately will mean your customers will be getting better and more accurate information for what they searched for. Thus leading to better conversions and subsequently a lower bounce rate.

To make sure your website is ready and optimized for this exciting new Google update contact us today for a free consultation on 01204 373710 or email 

Its a miserable day outside and the weather seems to be changing more winterly by the day! On the other hand, our products are burning as bright as ever. Last quarter saw a huge 81% increase in bookings compared to this time last year. New connections and new products are only going to help build on this. Lets see if we can get a 100% increase in the last quarter!

2 Exciting new products will be available to all our customers shortly. Both are designed to help increase the number of bookings you get. Follow us on Google+ to keep up to date with all the latest news.
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