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Steve Lieblich
Married for over 30 years. Proud father of three.
Married for over 30 years. Proud father of three.

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Sydney’s population is now 350,000 greater than Melbourne's, but the gap is narrowing at a rate of 20,000 a year. If present rates were to continue Melbourne would replace Sydney as Australia’s largest city at some point in the 2030s.

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Steve Lieblich commented on a post on Blogger.

Nathan's claim that "That the New Israel Fund has come under attack from all sorts of right wing advocates and, interest groups" is unfortunately typical of the NIF's response to criticism.

The typical response of NIF officials to any criticism, and to the abundant evidence of its anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish activities, is to attack the critics and their sources. For example, the NIF has run paid advertisements claiming that “NGO Monitor is a mouthpiece for the extreme right.” In Australia their leaders have publicly accused critical individuals of "conspiracy theories and vilification" and "try[ing] to suck the oxygen out of Jewish life". I’ve been the target of such personal attacks on several occasions, including one instance in which an NIF Australia leader threatened legal action in an attempt to silence me.

NIF leaders have even maligned an entire Jewish community with accusations of "power structures that silence [young people]", "toxic McCarthyism within the Jewish community" and "protecting a narrow view of what it means to be pro-Israel" in an apparent attempt to engineer a mutiny of its misguided supporters against anyone who criticizes the NIF.

Typically, NIF officials have portrayed a recent controversy over an NIF-sponsored event in Western Australia as a communal dispute between “right-wing” and “left-wing”, between “conservative seniors” and disaffected “progressive” youth, or for/against “settlements”. This is not just untrue. It’s destructive to attempt to divide our Jewish community, which includes and welcomes a broad diversity political views, provided they promote Zionism and Judaism.

Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor reports that the NIF has for many years funded NGOs active in campaigns that portray Israel as a racist, apartheid state (demonization); undermine Israel’s right to exist (de-legitimization); accuse Israel of war crimes (lawfare); and promote boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS), aimed at destroying Israel as a Jewish nation. NGO Monitor provides a list of about 25 NGOs that are active in these harmful campaigns, and hundreds of examples of their activities. These NGOs receive millions of dollars (about 20%) of NIF’s funds, and have done so for years.

Those NGOs are also funded by European governments and they collaborate with interests outside Israel in these demonization, de-legitimization, lawfare and BDS campaigns. The Observer recently reported that the NIF received funds from a George-Soros-funded NGO to promote Palestinian-Authority lawfare and BDS. Tower magazine also reports that NIF-funded NGOs “…cooperate with international partners hostile to Israel... [focussing] primarily on international audiences …in France, Norway, Netherlands, the UK, and the U.S.”

We all have the right to express an opinion about Israeli policies. But only citizens of Israel have the democratic right, at the ballot box, to determine those policies, which will affect their well-being and their safety against daily mortal threats. NIF’s claim of defending democracy rings hollow while it funds NGOs attempting to undemocratically impose the will of foreign interests from outside the nation.

NIF also promotes the notion that Israel’s Jewishness is at odds with its democratic character. Some NIF-funded NGOs advocate for dismantling Israel’s Jewishness, including replacing the flag and the national anthem, and promote the Palestinian “right of return,” which will demographically eliminate Jewish self-determination. One has drafted a constitution that would replace Israel’s Jewishness with a “democratic, bilingual, and multicultural” framework, and has also inserted allegations of Israeli discrimination into the US Black Lives Matter manifesto. Eminent Australian Jewish community leader, Isi Leibler, commented on revelations that an NIF associate director said that “in 100 years, Israel would be majority Arab and that the disappearance of the Jewish state would not be the tragedy that Israelis fear since it would become more democratic...” He suggested that she was in fact, rationalizing NIF funding of groups supporting the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state.

Isi Leibler, also said
It is a somber reflection on the naivety of well-intended Jewish philanthropists that they continue donating [to the NIF] despite repeated documented exposures demonstrating that this body is sponsoring anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian and post- Zionist organizations, committed to undermining the Jewish state. Many of the donors are liberal Jews genuinely committed to Israel who blindly accept at face value statements from NIF officials who obfuscate the truth.
The NIF is entitled to sponsor enemies of Israel and the Jewish people. But they should do so transparently so that naive charitable donors are not duped into believing that their contributions are being utilized to transform Israel into a better society.

So, if you want to protect Jewish identity, and the Jewish people’s right to self-determination, should you support the NIF?

The answer is a clear: NO. If you care about Zionism and the continuity of Judaism, there are many, much-more constructive ways to promote those values.

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Let's make Ben Gurion happy!! turn up the sound, and if you don't understand Hebrew, get someone to explain it to you

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Obama's Middle East Cluster Mess
From The Australian, January 5, 2017, by GREG SHERIDAN : ....sheer irresponsibility and multiple counterproductive consequences [from] the outburst of anti-Israel actions from US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry in their last days in...

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Kerry makes Israel a scapegoat for his failed peace effort
From The Australian, January 4, 2017, by BRIGITTE DWYER : The final days of the Obama administration have revealed the extent of the humiliating and astonishing victory of Donald Trump. As the president-elect crudely reminded the world on New Year’s Eve, th...

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Australia: US and NZ are wrong on Israel
From The Australian, 30 Dec 2016, by Joe Kelly & Kylar Loussikian : Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has signalled that Australia likely would have broken with the US and New Zealand by ­opposing a UN Security Council resolution criticising Israeli settlements...

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An open letter to Australian Labor "Friends of Palestine"
From Luke Walladge, a (very) active and leading member of the Australian Labor Party: Dear Labor Friends of Palestine,  As a long-time supporter of Israel, inside and outside the ALP, I received your recent pamphlet with some disquiet. But having read it cl...

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