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Brian Johns
Published Author, Self Employed, Buddhist With An Edge
Published Author, Self Employed, Buddhist With An Edge

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Like Kittens? Like big Cats? Want to see how to feed a Cat that can literally rip you to shreds safely? Watch this scientific documentary as Milos and his Wife help rear two Lynxes for release into the wild. Check it out on Curiosity Stream...

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God Who?

A short story work of fiction from the annals of Welcome To The Pleroma.

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God Who?
Author: Brian Joseph Johns Introduction This is just a short tale I wove that touches on the concept of existentialism. Short but sweet and hopefully to the point. God Who? Trista sat in the social house sipping one of the local smart drink concoctions. It ...

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A lot of new chapters for What Different Eyes See. I've been writing them secretly for about a month and a half so here's the update and new chapter list:

Cooperation, Conflict And Masquerade: Can Helyn, Alicia, Monique and Valerie protect the tourists and the delegations at the Forbidden City?

Unfathomable Mystery; Subtle and Ineffable 莫名其妙
There's a sniper and a casualty. Is it too late to save the day?

A Pond That's Clear
Many mysteries surround the attack upon the Forbidden City. What lies beneath?

Minds Walk Together In Beijing
The Chinese and Taiwanese delegation have a last meeting with Alicia and her delegation before they leave for Seoul, South Korea.

Flight And Scandal
For Doctor Zheng Ni Wong and Doctor Briggs, infamy and scandal have become their nemesis.

Heart And Seoul
Finally having arrived in Seoul, South Korea - the delegation needs a quick distraction to protect Zheng and Briggs: Katya and Victor to the rescue. A history care of Heylyn and Bryce.

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A new story began for all you A Lady's Prerogative and Testament Of Time fans...

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What would you do to be a part of the story?

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The Story
What Is An Archivist? I'd like to take us for a moment away from the future to the world of the present. Our present. Let's call it an Archivist's exploration if you will. The film adaption of Masamune Shirow's GITS: better known as Ghost In The Shell. In t...

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I just finished a new complete futuristic short story from the world of Welcome To The Pleroma:

It's titled: We Know Who You Are


Brian Joseph Johns

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Is 11 years enough for taking someone's life through harassment?

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We Know Who You Are
Cory stood at the terminal in the freezing mid March rain. Some distance away the maglev buses sorted themselves out according to logic know to the host program which had developed the software to run them. He gazed at them momentarily admiring their motion...
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