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Went river fishing for a change down the Huon river at Judbury. Fishing wasn't much with only one small rainbow trout to a gulp minnow but the scenery and quality of the day was fantastic. Finished up in the evening with thunderclouds just starting to roll in over the hills.
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Well the veggie patch is coming along nicely. Harvested the radishes this weekend. Lettuce, Pak Choi and Broccoli are all growing well. Carrots, beetroot, cabbage and turnips all coming along much more slowly.

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A new experiment for me that I've been wanting to do for a while. Now we have moved and are no longer in quite so poor and dry soil environment, a proper veggie patch! Dug out all the weeds and rubbish, mixed in some growing mix, fertilizer and mulched with compost.

Planted some broccoli seedlings (since I haven't had success sprouting any in the mini seed raising greenhouse - got some leeks and cabbage on the way for future planting though!). Sowed some radish seed between rows of Carrot, Beetroot, Turnips, Pak Choi and Lettuce. Radishes, Turnips, Lettuce and Pak Choi have already come up and signs that the carrots are starting.

Had to construct a shelter for the bed as it seems the local wildlife (Wallabies, Possums and Pademelon) sneaks into the yard at night to browse away on fresh green growth. Hopefully it provides enough protection and in a couple months I can start harvesting the radishes to make room for the slower growers in between.

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This week has been a big one for me!

Introducing Matilda Barnden born 21st September 2015.
Matilda Barnden, 21st September 2015
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Went for what could be my last fish for quite some time. New baby is due end of this week and may be moving shortly for work as well.

Saw a quick window to try and squeeze a fishing session in with the tides being right and the forecast being for light winds through the morning and a possible light sprinkle of rain. Boy was that wrong! It was already blowing with moderate winds when I got there and a big thunderstorm pushed though! Winds were twice as high as expected with big gusts pushing through and ended up dropping off toward the afternoon when I was leaving! And the occasional drenching rain. Luckily the sun did poke out into some clear patches occasionally to warm me up.

Persevered through the weather and unlike last time when there was almost no big fish showing themselves around there seemed to be plenty about the place this time. Only problem was they kept throwing the hooks! Caught several nice fish and lots of small ones. As usual the biggest (or maybe just most spirited) got off after several huge drag screaming runs. And lost a really nice sized one that I got on popper which I wanted to land.

Tried a little with plastics but the puffer fish were verocious and everywhere tearing anything soft to bits. Got some good still and footage from the GoPro I took again. Scared up a large flathead on my way back, probably a good 70-80cm. Rare sight in South Australia. But unfortunately didn't get any hits from flatties today.

Took home a small squid to cook up tonight for tea and drove back through the pouring rain with the most beautiful rainbow I have seen in a long time.
Thompson's Beach 16th September 2015
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Went out for a fairly quiet flats session. Quiet for what normally we have been getting into. Only one 'big' fish landed between the three of us where I eventually managed to hook into one near the end of the session.

Plenty of smaller Salmon Trout around and other life. Borrowed my Dad's GoPro and put it to use taking some nice underwater work. Need to pay more attention to making sure all drops are off the lens before using again above water as there were some nice shots spoiled by water on the lens.

Grabbed some nice screenshots from the footage taken so far but I'm currently without a laptop powerful enough to do some editing and fixing up what I've done to make a video. Stuck on a old XP machine for now while waiting on getting a new laptop.
Northern Flats - 29th Aug 2015
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A successful but bit annoying days fishing today.

Was going to a spot which produced well last year about this time for a late afternoon to evening fish and almost straight away started producing again. Caught a couple of small snook quite quickly and I was planning on having some fun catching snook on metal lures while waiting for the sun to set a little more before switching over to squid jags to see if I couldn't catch a few for dinner.

Was planning on catch and release for all the snook. While fishing I found and cleaned up some floating tackle that someone had lost. A full length of line out to a float with a squid spike, but for some reason they had put a weight on the spike! With how shallow and rocky the area is they were guaranteed to lose the rig leaving a huge mess behind.

Took a while to clean that rubbish up (and score myself a new float and squid spike) and then went out and got back into the fish. Another small one came in and then hooked into something that felt a little like another small one fighting, but also seemed to have some weight to it. Got it in and it surfaced and it was really decent size snook which then did something I've never had a snook do - it death rolled onto the line winding it right up over its body to the tip and then tried to roll the tip round it - SNAP.

So that was the end of my fishing since I was fishing light with just the one rod. Didn't even got to fishing for the squid and since the snook was so tangled in my line I ended up taking it home even though there is still plenty in the freezer.

Now to try and get my rod repaired, otherwise I'll be on the hunt for a new one. 
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Video of the Tuna I hooked into when helping my dad sail back from Port Pirie.

I'd estimate about 10-15kg Southern Bluefin Tuna I hooked on 20lb spin gear trolling a Strike Pro Bara Deep in red head design at about 5-6 knots.

Unfortunately there was nothing on board suitable for trying to get it up onto the deck! My dad's boat is a sailing catamaran and the deck is a couple meters off the water with no way down to the water line. He pulled out a comically small net for the size of the fish and even that only reached the water passed under the railing lying flat on the deck.

I was happy enough getting the fish up the the boat and getting a leader touch. Hooks pulled while he was trying to get part of the fish in the net and it swam away happy enough.

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Collection of photos that were taken on a sailing trip I took last week.

My dad had got his boat stuck up at Port Pirie for a while so I took a couple weeks off work, one to help him sail it back and the other to make the wife happier about me disappearing for a week!

Not really good 'sailing' weather and we had to motor pretty much every day to get back but had one really good sailing day taking us right round the foot and up to Port Vincent averaging around 8 knots.

Did some fishing on the run catching lots of snook on the troll pretty much everywhere, even places you normally don't expect them such as on top of 30m of water on salmon and tuna lures!

Did a little fishing in the evening when we anchored up but not much happening in the evenings except for the last 2, first when I managed to finally burly up a massive school of bait sized tommies which is good to restock the bait freezer and second at Port Vincent where the squid showed up with half a dozen boated before calling it a night.

Managed to hit some busting tuna just near Corny Point hooking into my first bluefin on my 20lb rod trolling a Strike Pro Barra Deep in red head design. Put up a hell of a fight on the 20lb gear and its was getting me worried it was going to spool me! Eventually got it up to the boat but there was only one net on board and it was comically small for trying to get the tuna in! I was happy enough to get it up for a leader touch and while trying to get at least part of it into the net to haul it up the hooks pulled for a nice release. I'd estimate around 10-15kg.

Sailing back came across part of a flock of galah's that had been blown out to sea. They were pretty tired, almost falling into the sea. Took roost on the boat including my trolling rod for a while to get their energy back before making another try back to land.
Port Pirie to Adelaide Sail April 2015
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Was absolutely perfect conditions to go wade fishing on the flats today and tomorrow and since tomorrow a family outing is planned I managed to escape down today for a morning fish.

With the weather cooling down it was about time for the Australian Salmon to start showing up and today they did so!

Got to the flats at high tide about 7am in the morning and fished through to the 11:30am low. For most of the run out it was hard to find the channels since I'm not completely familiar with the area but luckily the salmon had showed up and gave their position away busting on the surface!

Was fishing a cheap popper with my light Okuma Travel force rod, Shimano Exage 1000RC, 3lb braid line and 6lb fluoro leader.

The larger salmon went quite hard on the gear I was using, managed to chase the school of big ones down a few times over the flats for some drag screaming action. As the flats started to finish draining I found the main outlet channel and fished it where large schools of the smaller salmon trout were stacked up. Took a few for the table and let many more go.

Finished up on low tide and cleaned my catch for the day before driving home for lunch.
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