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Coyote Encounter 12/29/2014 3:00 am EST
I was  walking my German Shepherd a few hours ago.  (Heck, I'm retired and can keep these ultra-late hours.)  While walking down a street heading to a marsh not far from my home, my dog Bree started barking and within about 2 seconds I saw what caused her to bark - a coyote! Surprisingly, the coyote kept slowly approaching.  My dog Bree was in no mood to run away and neither was I for that matter. Still, my big fear was for the neighbors.  (German Shepherd's barking is somewhat LOUD and it was 3:00 am!!)  So, not wanting to turn my back on a coyote I walked backward up the street with Bree constantly facing and barking at the coyote.
Unlike what you see on the news, this was an interesting and uneventful encounter. Still I thought it would be worth sharing this story with my Google+ friends. 
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