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This was highlarious! That's totally not a Josh I'm used to. :P
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Written: 16-09-2013
Author: Soraya
Title: When and they

When things are broken,
they need to be fixed.

When one is hurt,
they need to be healed.

When one is angry,
they need to be cooled down.

When one feels bad,
they need to be made feel good.

When one is bored,
they need to be entertained.

When one is down,
they need to be cheered up.

When one is fake,
they need not be believed.

When one is funny,
they need you to laugh.

When one is fragile,
they need to be handled with care.

When you do this you will be rewarded great,
perhaps even a chance to procreate.
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Written: 30-03-2013
Author: Soraya
Title: 1 person... 2 sides
I'm a woman, but also a girl.
I'm positive, but also negative.
I'm not high, but also not low.
I don't love, but I don't hate either.
I'm a lover, but also a fighter.
I'm a dreamer, but also realistic.
I'm sick, but also have a good general health.
I don't like drama, but I am dramatic.
I'm not romantic, but I like romance.
I don't like conflict, but I am argumentative.
I don't know it all, but I do know a lot.
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Written: 18-02-2011
Author: Soraya
Title: You Don't Listen
I thought you were normal,
but it turns out, you're not.
I had fun,
but that was all that it was.
I told you to leave me alone,
but somehow, you are like a dog with it's bone.
I don't want to hurt you,
but I can not be the one you turn to.
Stop blaming me for something I have no control over.
What will it take for you to listen to me?
I just want to make you see,
that you are not the one for me.
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Written: 16-02-2011
Author: Soraya
Title: My Crush
I remember it like it's yesterday,
just a simple message,
and I just knew, this man, is gonna be
my crush.
You gave me the strength I needed,
the wisdom I was searching for,
the push I needed to decide,
what was best for my own life.
The situation I was in,
didn't feel like a 'win'.
I cut my losses, moved on,
while still being strong.
I thought I was fine,I wanted to make you mine.
Looking back,
I was not fine at all,
I was really just feeling very small.
So, I did what I do best,
putting myself through hell.
Putting my heart on the line,
so, that you would be mine.
Kinda backfired in my face,
it's a time I want to erase.
Because that girl, was not me,
I just hope that I can make you see,
that girl really was NOT me.
Now I like to think I'm myself again,
regardless of what someone else might
say, I, in this capacity, am most
definetly here to stay.
 You know how they say,
if you love something,
let it go,
if it comes back,
it's there to stay.
You needed time, you needed space,
I gave you that,
and you came back.
I won't push,
I won't rush,
I just hope one day, somehow, we can touch.
I can really feel this crush going through my soul,
I don't need you to make me whole.
However you're in my system,
waiting to take control.
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Part of me REALLY wants to get back on #Twitter... just so I can get in touch with @sirHMDR again. (Formerly @SupremusDeus and @SoloAtheist.) I miss the dude! #Canada Seriously contemplating. ESPECIALLY given he calls himself ''Captain'' now on #Twitter. LOL! LOVE it.
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What an adorable family! Cute kids.
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Written: 16-09-2013
Author: Soraya
Title: If you

If you don't know,
say you don't know.
Don't pretend or it will be your end.

If you need help,
ask for help.
Don't go into your shell and dwell.

It doesn't take much energy,
it's not a fantasy.
It's real, 
you just have to deal.

Deal with people,
deal with things,
deal with life,
in order to survive.
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Written: 11-02-2012
Author: Soraya
Title: Out of my life
The thing about you and me is,
it was never good.
I mess up,
you walk away.
Now you're out of my life,
you don't even notice,
you don't even care.
I'm not one to keep making mistakes.
I learn from my mistakes.
I'm a lot of things,
but a doormat isn't one of them.
Quite frankly,
this time,
I don't even give a damn.
I have no place for you in my life,
I don't need you to survive.
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Written: 17-02-2011
Author: Soraya
Title: The Mask
When you look at me, what do you see?
A girl. Black hair. Brown eyes.
When I look at me, what do I see?
A damaged, messed up girl filled with scars.
Why? You ask.
I will tell you why, because even though I may smile, it's not always how I feel inside.
I've blamed people and sometimes I still do,
but, the thing about blaming people is, it keeps making you feel blue.
There are only a hand few people who know the me in real life,
that's the me that needs to survive.
The me you meet on the internet,
is not always the person that keeps herself in check.
I'm not saying that how I am online is fake,
but I am portraying myself as someone who would not easily break.
I don't do drugs,
I do give out lots of hugs!
I don't smoke,
I do drink,
but that doesn't mean that I don't think.
What you see is what you get,
but sometimes, I just really want to forget.
Nobody really sees the pain,
that sometimes drives me silently insane.
Nobody really sees the hurt,
that sometimes drives me to excesively flirt.
Nobody really sees the anger,
that sometimes makes me want to turn to a stranger.
I have mastered the art so well,
only some people can really tell.
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Written: 16-02-2011
Author: Soraya
Title: Chosing Myself
It started out fine,
you were instantly mine.
People wanted to be sure,
so, I made you do more.
I saw, you came and we conquered.
We were never friends,
we had no foundation,
yet, looking back, we did have something amazing.
Circumstances forced us together,
at first, it looked all for the better.
Than life took us by surprise,
it made me realize,
that this was not the life for me,
I wanted to make you see,
that, afterall, you weren't the one for me.
I know I hurt you bad,
I know I made you sad,
but, please, don't be mad.
One day you will realize,
that what I did,
what I decided,
wasn't a complete surprise.
You're not a bad person,
you're just not the right person for me.
I have no regrets,
because I did love you at one point.
I hoped that we could be friends,
but I guess, there will always be this fence.
I don't miss you in my life.
As you can see, I turned out fine.
People said I made the biggest mistake of my life.
What are they? Five?
The only mistake I made was not listening to my heart when I had the chance,
than perhaps, we wouldn't have this fence.
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