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Hi. I'd like to draw +Larry Page and +Sergey Brin and all other Googlers' attention to this. You may share Yonatan's pro-Israel stance, but I think you all should agree that his reaction was violent, racist and misogynist, and I hope it's not tolerated at +Google+ 

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I like the cutesy looks. I honestly hope the quality of software powering the decision making is going to be open - it would be insanity to trust it if not.

+Roman Pashkeev Hi. Why have you republished my data without permission & without giving credit to the source? Please take it down as there is absolutely no good being done by having a forked copy of my work out there. My data is constantly fixed and fettled to ensure that it is as complete and error-free as possible, and having out-of-date copies all over the place is not good for the users.



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I need to go there. Soon.
40 years of BMW Headquarters and Museum.

Since its official opening on 18 May 1973, the BMW Group Headquarters has become an indisputable icon of architectural history and a permanent feature both of Munich’s skyline and of the company’s corporate image. In spring 2013, 40 years after its completion, a committee of experts voted the building complex designed by architect Professor Karl Schwanzer one of the 15 most spectacular corporate head offices
40 years of BMW Headquarters and Museum
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The smallest petrol-engined new W 222 S-Class #Mercedes-Benz is the S 350 BlueTEC. Pics& specs:

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Chrysler's 1971 Imperial LeBaron Hardtop - specs & pics:

Power & torque quoted in net figures - you'll generally see gross horsepower for this model year, but where possible it is my policy to use net figures. From 1972 all US manufacturers adopted the SAE net standard.
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