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Kwamena Appiah-Kubi

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Anscombe's Quarte: The significance of visualizing your data
Depending only on summary statistics without observing how the data is laid out can lead one to make erroneous assumptions. Frank Anscombe set out to emphasis this in his paper Graphs in Statistical Analysis . A good read...

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if there can be public and private circles in google+ that could easily serve as facebook groups and lists combined!!

nice!!! now i can send out actual google+ invites

darn G+ also has "its complicated" under relationships (try editing your profile its down there somewhere)

hmm interesting, mentioning people with "@person's name" also works here, in posts and comments!! eg +Teresa Lemaire, +Mac-Jordan Holdbrookes-Degadjor ,+Fiifi Baidoo, +Doris Anson-Yevu but alas there is one thing missing, you cant edit the person's name like Facebook allows, hmmm +1 for attempt -1 for not making it better

Google+ comes with comment editing right out of the box!! how cool :)
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