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The Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory is operated by the Smithsonian in SE Arizona located near Amado on top of Mount Hopkins. You can see a car driving up to the observatory and just make out the observatory on Hopkins center left (the highest peak in the frame). For best wonderment results, please view large in the lightbox! ;-)))

Image Notes: This is a stacked star trails image. I used 81 26 second shots at 2500 ISO, F/2.8 at 16 mm taken with my Nikon D700 on my 11-16 Tokina. Three dark frames were taken and three separate shots were exposed to bring out the foreground via light-painting and longer exposure. Finally, I added a bit of diffraction/star burst to the N. Star/Polaris via Pro Digital's StarSpikes plugin.

#starrynights #starrysky #astronomy #photography #plusphotoextract #astrophotography´╗┐
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