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Captain America is here to save the day!!
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bronze what up my G! That's yo son aw yea cute all rite I seen dWade post up earlier about Peyton i just busy so yea y'all out there doing it keep it up Ill holla at ya
Had to take a 2nd look...Thought it was Captain A for real.
Now You're talking... Ohhh Yeahhh
I didn't think you ran with the geeks and nerds like the rest of us. Glad to see I was wrong! Cheers to you and yours.
that is awesome, he's gonna save the world before he's a teenager lol. your son has high hopes just like his pops i can dig it.
i know right. he is sooo cute.
me encanta esa inajen °w° toda la inosensia de un niño T_* tratando de ser un heroe (el capitan) me encanta
Pie Man
hey lebron i would like to say your an excelent small forward and you have a good shot and a good post game.
Hi LeBron James can you please reply to me?
Pie Man
hi lebron a follow would be cool (:
go heat!!!!!! (:
p.s. come back to clevland
Pie Man
and me so follow me
u got it all wrong. Kobe is and always will be the best basketball player ever
U can't beat lebron Kobe is a ballhog and Is a crappy team mate, he's only good actually because of his team, ik lebron has Bosh and wade but still Kobe has pay Bynum etc lebron doesn't have all those people he can work with
we defiantly know what we are talking about we are talking about who is better lebreon or kobe and lebron is defiantly better than kobe
thank u now some one who nows wat their talking about
haha thats sooo boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GUYS!!!Z I DIDNT MEAN TO START A "who's better" fight! Gosh.. its a matter of opinion... now lets just keep it at tht... btw... LBJ aaaaaallllll dayyyyy
Then captain America might be able to help KONY 2012!! spread the word!!!
这孩子是谁啊 好可爱哦。加油吧,勒布朗!!什么时候送我一张票去看你的球赛啊
Hope he will not travel ;-)
Hey man im so sad that you lost the finals i really think ur cool
Sorry. Stupid spell check!!! This is what I meant:

a little small for the hat don't you think
is this your son he going to be the new 23
Watch you game online.
lebron you did amazing at the all-star game if the east won i wuold have voted you m.v.p. like a mug and chat with me at by
wwwwwwaaaasssssssssss uuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppp
lebron you are the best of the world
no doubt, lebron the best
hey lebron r u gonna ever move to the celtics
i hope lebron does not move to the celtics. i want lebron to stay with with his buddy d wade. i hope rondo cud come to the heat cuz he is a terrific point guard
It would be cooler if he dressed up as Superman
men u hav got to save me from my foes... trying to harm cos of deal of $4,000 which flopped. am waiting.
Wait I thought Captain America was white?
Hey LeBron is that your mini me?
save the day before 2012:-O
u should dress him in a batman costume and take him to a restraunt with a whole bunch of people and make him say im the batman in a heroic voice
Lebron i have a question. Are you looking forward to stay with the Heat for the rest of your carrer?
I don't suck, I just don't like LeBron James or relatives 
ya i dont really like lebron becuz he left cleveland but i also understand y he did i mean i dont really blame him
tusha bro lebron aint stupid i just dont like him. never was
but like ask everyone this if u were on the one of the worst teams in the league for like 8 or 9 years wudnt u want some type of change i know i wud so i like lebron cuz he is cool n all but im just sad cuz he left the cavs
i waz sad too im big cavs fan
have fam in michigan though. dey not fans though. i fowllow the cavs
ya can u believe they ALMOST BEAT THE HEAT!!!! they only lost by 2
i know the ref didnt call the right fouls at the right time :(
how come u never post any pics anymore!?  :(
agregar me quiero ser tu amigo
add me to wanna be your friend
Adicione-me quero ser seu amigo
Yeahhh!!!! There's evil to be stopped
hey little captain america
 You guys do realize that this is not LeBron James. It's just one of Jame's assistants. 
and you do realize we dont care if this is supposed to be a "by the way " comment okay if your trying to hate DONT
No hate, just letting you guys know. 
It looks very big but its awesome
Ahahaahah fantastic...little captain!
You are not Captain America, but you are certainly my hero. Your maturity and expert skills put you high above the crowd, and your attitude continues to reflect good character. Remember, our children are looking up to you as you continue looking up to God. Ms Carol. .Force. Ohio
Who's that your son????!!!!?????? 3!!!!!!! Lol you and him should be twins for Halloween
Cute. My baby brother (3) would come running to see this!!! Lol
I'll adopt him. He's a lovely baby. I know you're proud of him. Cherish every moment, and remember that you are his example. Christ is our example, and as we follow him, he forgives us, renews us, and restores is to a closer relationship with him. Blessings and light to you and your loved ones. Chinnant

Awe😍 sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
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