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Indie author, artist, funny person
Indie author, artist, funny person

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So after what might be termed an unnecessarily excessive delay, I have finally completed and published the sequel to my Weirdo Company series! It is available in both paperback and ebook form from Amazon at the link below. Enjoy!


Something is very wrong with Lt. Jacob Kent.

When the Weirdos are captured by an old enemy, Kent goes in to rescue them — alone. Though he succeeds, his friend Lt. Paul Harper is disturbed by Kent’s newfound powers and abilities.

But Kent isn’t the only problem: Something — or someone — is causing strange ruptures in reality, ruptures that threaten not just Earth, but all of existence.

With enemies turned friends and friends turned enemies, Weirdo Company engages in a worldwide manhunt that will change everything.

Like, forever...

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I am one with the Force and the Force is with me

Felicity Jones and Diego Luna lead a band of rebels to steal the Death Star plans in the first good Star Wars prequel, Rogue One. With some minor quibbles, it's a rollicking sci-fi action picture that delivers some of the franchise's best battles and fan service that isn't ham-fisted.

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Dom and the gang are back! I dunno what the hell's going on in this trailer, but I'm probably gonna love it.

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I don't like being followed

Tom Cruise steps back into the wandering shoes of Lee Child's enduring creation, Jack Reacher. Only this time, he just looks bored as hell in a thriller that's never thrilling and a mystery that's never intriguing. A limp, disappointing step down from the first film.

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Pop the collar, it's time for action

Benedict Cumberbatch puts on a cape and an American accent to fight evil as Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme. The franchise's wildest and most colorful imagery is a treat to behold, even if this is a dangerously bog-standard origin story plot that holds no surprises whatsoever.

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Star Wars intensifies

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I don't watch a lot of horror movies, but I am so stoked to be seeing this one tonight.

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A sad and fascinating look at the terrible world of comics and copyrights

"Bill Mantlo, the creator of Rocket Raccoon, depends on charity for his medical care, while his character stars in a film that made $773.3 million at the box office. Gary Friedrich, one of the creators of Ghost Rider, attempted to sue Marvel for control of the character, only to be hit with a countersuit demanding $17,000 in damages for the author’s sale of unlicensed merchandise at conventions, a commonly accepted practice. And who can forget Alan Moore, who produced the seminal graphic novel Watchmen under an agreement that the rights would revert to him when it went out of print, only to find that DC had no intention of allowing that to happen.

It’s a well known fact in the comics industry and fandom that while superhero films make hundreds of millions at the box office, many creators of classic characters rarely see a dime for their work. They often have to rely on charity organizations like the Hero Initiative—founded to help comic artists in financial need—if they’re alive, and they have little to leave to their families after they’re dead. This is, of course, completely legal under current definitions of copyright law, regulations that have been repeatedly altered to help protect the corporations that hoard intellectual property."

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