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Andrea Hernandez
Writer, Reader, Blogger, Runner, Leader, Dog Whisperer, Non Believer
Writer, Reader, Blogger, Runner, Leader, Dog Whisperer, Non Believer


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In Darkness
A thick smell of humidity and musk rested in the air. It
rested heavy causing breathing to be a lot more difficult as the air slowly
entered into my lungs and rested there as well. Drops of rain being whipped
around by the wind hitting the windows, tricklin...

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The 6-Hour, 26.2 Mile Pilgrimage
When you hear 26.2 miles you think ' oh that's a car ride
away ,' which, in fact, it is. But when you attempt to run it, as in a marathon,
it turns into a complete mental test, a 6-hour destination. It's a chance to
get to know a city we so easily avoid. 5 ...

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The Colors of a Rainbow
The giant bird had landed safely leaving me an emotional
wreck. I have yet to touch the land but being on it breaks down my walls and
floods my face with tears. Part of the same planet, thousands of miles away
from familiar land. A mutual ocean the only bod...

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English Majors, Writers & Readers Are 'All Knowing' .. Obviously.
I've been in numerous English courses and have been around numerous English majors. We usually have a lot in common: Our interest in words, literature, writing, analyzing, and viewing the world a little differently. But one thing I have noticed is our tende...

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"Americans": The True Immigrants
The Thanksgiving Story The Pilgrims sailed all the way to Plymouth Rock and came across Native Americans. The Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn and other crops. Being inspired by the new harvest, both groups united together celebrating ...

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Can We Really Say What We Mean & Mean What We Say?
Suck was a queer word ... But the sound was ugly. Once he had washed his hands in the lavatory of the Wicklow Hotel and his father pulled the stopper up by the chain after and the dirty water went down through the hole in the basin. And when it had all gone...

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A Life Changing Dysfunction: TMJ
For the past 2 months I've been having a serious problem. Maybe it's because I talk too much but I have been waking up without being able to fully open my mouth and having to pop my jaw. I literally move the bottom half of my mouth to the right side and " P...

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Is Ignorance Truly Bliss?
Recently I have done a lot of research on Celtic ideology and found it to be quite interesting. The Celts were viewed to be these barbaric, uncivilized people, but in reality they were finding a way of escaping post colonialism and the new reality of what t...

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The Day I Broke It Off With An Author
I have a problem. I'm not completely psycho, but just a little. If I were to diagnose myself, I'd say OCD. I'm a clinger, a needy person, a collector. I come across a book I really enjoy, the words touch the depths of my soul and it's no longer about me and...

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PEOPLE: The True Pitbull
Working in an animal shelter really opens up your eyes to many things. I think I've seen it all: starving, abused, beaten down, broken, unloved animals. Families coming in willingly giving up their pets because they barked, or bit them, or pee'd on their ' ...
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