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So #WordPress  3.6 is out. After looking through the "Credits" list to see who contributed, I found four of our devs from #WPKrauts  and #wecodemore  to be core contributors. Nice!
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As some of you might know, #wecodemore  and #WPKrauts  are overlapping circles and both feature some brilliant developers. For all those of you who write code themselves, here's a very well done post about OOP practices in WordPress code by +Thomas Scholz.
Read, learn, enjoy!
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Finally we got our first plugin that supports  #Composer . So loading and updating it got a lot easier. Enjoy!
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The "(WCM) Top Spam IPs" already has received its first contributions: A Dutch translation file by +Piet Bos and a German translation by +Lutz Schröer. As promised both are now part of the "Spam Killers"-Team and have full and limitless pull & push access to the repo. Thanks a lot to you guys!

If you have ideas and want to contribute as well, just jump in - everybody is welcome, no matter if user or developer.
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New (free) Plugin
Since there has been a huge ongoing attack of botnets to WordPress installs, we thought it's time to do a collective effort and set a countermeasure. The result of this idea is the "(WCM) Top Spam IPs" plugin.

What it does
1. It adds a new tools admin page that lists all Spam IPs sorted by amount. You can set the IPs shown per page, the minimum of spam comments needed to join this list and sort it either by IP or by amount of comments marked as spam.
2. There's an Export feature built in. Basically it's an already selected text, line break separated list of those IPs (filterable as well), so you can move them easily into your .htaccess file and block the access.

We highly recommend that you use this plugin alongside the AntiSpam Bee plugin by +Sergej Müller. The bee marks comments as spam, learns from it and (WCM) Top Spam IPs helps you collecting them.

I added a list of _ToDo_s in the GitHub readme file. Every contribution - no matter if you're a user or developer - is welcome and helpful. Help us with translation, wiki entries in the GitHub repository or with some code. It will stay free due to your contribution and the MIT license.
Every feature will be discussed in an issue and decided by everyone - we decide as community.

Long term goal
In the long term I'd like to see this plugin evolving to something like the HoneyPot project: A collective effort to close the door for spammers. So we need ideas and (later on) some code to collect the IPs on a central location where everyone can profit from and update his blacklists when the next botnet arises and attacks.

Download the plugin and/or participate

is money. Sure, but the plugin will always stay free. If you want to say thanks and donate a beer we're happy to hear so. :) You can do it from here:
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Read the epic (his)story of the WCM Lang Switch plugin the right way: The Star Wars way!
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Easter Present

Today we hand out a free and simply #twitterbootstrap  plugin that adds a button to the TinyMCE WYSIWYG Editor to allow columns in the content. Just mark the text that you want in your column, press the button and you'll be prompted to enter the amount of columns. The plugin then inserts a shortcode that wraps your content in a div tag.
#webdev   #WordPress   
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Weekend present: Ever wondered why your arguments for your post type didn't do what you wanted them to do? There's a high chance that your arguments got overwritten by core.

Here's a plugin that helps you debugging the arguments. The plugin will show you the full set arguments of each custom post type at the end of your admin or public page. Simply add `&debug_pt_args=true` to your URL and set `WP_DEBUG` to `TRUE`.

#WordPress   #Plugin   #webdev   #Debug   #wecodemore  
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Good morning! Welcome to a new week and a new plugin!

The  #wecodemore  *User Language Switcher* allows your users to seamlessly switch the admin user interface to their language. Just drop the #translation  files that your users can choose from in your `languages` folder and the plugin will automatically detect them and display them in a drop down in the admin toolbar. A single click later, the user has the interface in his own language. The plugin is available on GitHub and now as well as in the official repository [1], so you will receive future updates right inside your #WordPress  installation.

The plugin was built by +Stephen Harris and +Franz Josef Kaiser, is offered for free and released as open source under the GPL3 license.

The plugin can help with clients that have employees with different languages, teams split around the globe or #webdev s testing their code for different languages.

One thing we're highly proud off, is the fact that we managed to compile a full list of English and native strings for all languages that are listed in the ISO 639-2 so de_DE will be listed as "German" and transformed to "Deutsch" when the user switches the language and so on [2]. This allows the detection of nearly every language (Klingon is not inside the list).

If you want to contribute, please just do a fork on GitHub and send us your changes as pull request.

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Yes, it's is possible! Separators for admin sub menus can be done. We updated the plugin as well as the example child plugin. You can now create separators for your submenus at every priority as well. +Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh will be happy :)

Oh my... we made it! Yesterday we gave you the admin (main) menu separator plugin. Today, we already enhanced the plugin and added Submenu Separators as well!

#WordPress   #webdev   #wecodemore  
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